Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween P.S.

Here's a little post Halloween fun.

Feel free to thank me for it.

Karma...It'll Bite You in the Ass

The title doesn't really have a purpose. It's just something to remember.

Anyway, the girls had a great Halloween. Their costumes and makeup turned out great. We drove to an actual neighborhood so they'd have houses to go to. There aren't enough places in our little rinky dink town for them to walk to, lol. But, they got the goods and had fun so Halloween was a success this year.

This time change deal is for the birds. I don't like being tired at 10pm, lol. I almost wish we lived in Indianapolis or Arizona where they're smart enough not to have daylight savings time.

The elections are tomorrow. Everyone ready to vote and for the ad campaigns to stop???? I sure am. The Redskins lost last night. Anyone know how that relates to the presidential elections? Kinda interesting and scary if you're hoping Bush wins.

C got his promotion today. He's officially a Staff Sergeant now. I didn't get to go to the "ceremony" cuz I would've had to take the girls out of school and stick my neighbor with having to find someone to watch her daughter, but from what C said, I didn't miss anything. His command sucks dog crap. What else needs to be said?

Now, I gotta get Sid ready for the bus. So, that's that. I hope everyone is still keeping up with the Blog...