Saturday, April 23, 2005


I just sent out our new phone number and mailing address in an email. I don't have all of my contacts on this computer and I haven't hooked up the other one yet, so if you didn't get it and want it, email me or call our cell phones and let me know. I'm not posting that info on here. That's it for now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Life at the New House

We're sorta settling in. I haven't unpacked too much because we're painting everything and I don't see the point in unpacking just to shove it all in the middle of the room and covering it with plastic. The kitchen isn't getting painted so it's mostly put back together. Half of the living room is almost painted so I'll be able to unpack and put some furniture away. We haven't picked out a color for the dining room yet or our bedroom. I've been so stinking busy lately. I've been ready for bed at 9 o'clock, lol. I'm covered in three different colors of paint and my hands are so sore from painting I can barely make a fist. I know, I know. It'll all be worth it when I'm done. Blah. I also started my next class today. Fun, fun.

Our weather has been absolutely great though. Not too hot, not too cold and the humidity is real low so the paint dries fast. It couldn't be more perfect. But get this, our fire danger is high. I thought we left all that behind when we moved from Cali. If Vermont burns down like San Diego did, we're moving to a swamp. There have already been several brush fires around the state.

Well, I'm gonna grab some breakfast and get started painting for the day.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

We Are Official Home Owners

We are completely moved into the new house. It took 3 days altogether to get all our junk moved. Closing on the house went smoothly. Getting all our stuff moved and getting the old house cleaned was a big pain though. The next time we move, I'm hiring a cleaning service. Our new house is awesome. We love it even with it being a jungle of boxes. We're sore, bruised and tired, but otherwise well. We're trying to get some r&r, so this is all the update you all are getting for now. Laters.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What a Nice Day

Too bad I had to spend it indoors packing. It actually got up to 63 here today. That's a veritable heat wave for Vermont. The girls are outside playing and enjoying the first truly nice day we've had so far this year. I, however, have spent the entire day running errands and packing. I will never again complain about TMO movers. They can break all my stuff just so long as I don't have to pack it. I've also been busy making calls. I've had to call U-Haul, the cable company, the trash company, the electric company. I still need to call someone about water and sewage but darned if I can find out who does that for here.

Stupid people. As I sit here typing, some idiot is sitting in the middle of the intersection waiting to drive through it. Umm. Doesn't it make more sense to wait behind the stop sign and let traffic through?? Idiots.

Anyway, I also still need to call the oil company to have our service switched. There is SOOO much to do when you're moving. There's things about this house I'm going to miss. Like, all the room, the deck, the huge yard, the creek that I can hear running out behind our house, our nice neighbor, the views, and our family room. I'm not going to miss the leaky sky lights, my rotten land lord, the mysterious smells that stink up the house from time to time, the flies, earwigs and hornets, the huge oil bill, the lousy fridge and stove, and the slanty floors. I suppose there's always going to be things that you love and hate about any house you live in. I just can't wait to get started on the decorating in the new house.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Daylight Savings Sucks

Why does one hour make so much difference in the morning?

I've been pretty busy packing lately. If someone wanted to pay for us to have movers, I wouldn't object, lol. I spent 7 hours on Saturday just in 2 rooms and didn't even get them all packed. We have so much junk. I need to learn to not be such a pack rat. So far so good with the house and loan and stuff though. We close in 9 days. Any birthday or holiday gifts should come in the form of Home Depot gift cards from now on, lol. We're gonna be spending some mad money in there in the next couple years.

We're still waiting on Spring. Almost all of our snow has melted. It's been raining like crazy here. Supposedly, it's going to get into the 60's tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Other than house stuff and the weather, lol, nothing else has been going on at our house. Till next time...