Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mini Covered Bridge Tour

The following are pictures that we took of covered bridges in the area. All of these are located in Chelsea and Tunbridge, Vermont. All of them were about an hours drive from our house and they were all within miles of each other. This is just a small sample of the covered bridges in New England. Mill Bridge was rebuilt a few years ago after an ice flow washed the original away. All the others are the original bridges. It was a pretty neat day. Oh, and they all also cross the same river, White River.

This is Moxley Bridge and White River which runs beneath it. It was built in 1883.

This is Flint Bridge. It was built in 1845.

This is Larkin Bridge. It was built in 1902.

This is Mill Bridge and the river and dam beneath it.It was built in 1883.

This is Cilley Bridge and the surrounding scenery. It was built in 1883.

This is Howe Bridge.

Another fog picture from this morning.

Here's another fog picture. I took this one just this morning.

This is the turkeys heading back to the trees after I scared them by taking their pictures, lol.

Here's a picture of some turkeys that came out of the trees that you see in the distance. You can also see where our yard ends and how close they get to our house.

I took this on 9/2 in the morning looking out my front door. I thought the fog was neat.