Friday, September 30, 2011


Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them.
1. Do you apologize to your kids if you're wrong?  I try my best to do so. I want to teach my kids the value of honesty so I try to be honest with them as much as I can which includes admitting when I'm wrong.

2. Do you have a class ring, letterman's jacket, or similar obscenely priced high school "must have"?  Nope. My class ring was stolen by a drug dealer. I never had a letterman's jacket. Even though I paid for my year book, I never got it.

3. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose?  About 28 I would say. Old enough to know better but not ancient yet. 29 is too close to 30.

4. What is your favorite (unused) baby name?  I don't really think that I have one. I like what I named both of my girls and the Mister and I always knew that two would be enough.

5. If you could make your child like something what would it be?  This one is easy. I would make them both like to read.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Pic from our anniversary vaca. This is from the side of the road on the way to San Luis Obispo.

I was looking back through my blog last night trying to figure out when I started up my business. Turns out it was June-ish of 2008 in case you were curious too. Anyway, reading back through my old posts made me realize how much my blogging, or lack thereof, has really changed over the years.

I used to have blogging friends. I still have a few, but I've lost touch with more of them than not. I used to actively read blogs and search for new blogs to read. Nowadays, I'm really selective about the blogs that I read and comment very rarely. I used to blog more than once a month. In 2007, I had 358 posts. That's more than one a day for the entire year. In 2011, I've posted 15 times. This will be #16. I've been blogging since late 2003 so I've been a witness to the ebbs and tides of blogging. It certainly isn't as trendy as it once used to be. Lots of people claim that blogging isn't even relevant anymore. As I feel very out of the loop, I can't offer an opinion on the state of blogging in general. I know that my RSS reader has about 150 new threads every day and that I subscribe to 210 different feeds. I read maybe four posts a day though, lol. I usually just click, "mark all as read".

I miss it though. I miss the community of bloggers that I was part of at one time. I miss having things to say that I want to share with other people.

Blah blah blah.

One blogging trend that I don't miss and I think it contributed to my reading blogs less is moms using their blogs to endorse products. I got really tired of that. If I want to be hawked at, I'll stop fast forwarding through commercials on TV. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with it, just that it's not the kind of casual blog reading that I want to do.

NaBloPoMo is right around the corner. Maybe I'll put some serious effort to making it through that challenge this year.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Blackout 2011

I jinxed us. In yesterday's post, I said that we wouldn't lose power again, "hopefully". I should have said, knock on wood and then actually knocked on wood. Instead of two streets losing power, several million people in TWO countries lost power last night and into this morning. Our power was out for about 10 - 11 hours yesterday. In the grand scheme of emergency situations, it wasn't all that bad. Hot, yes. Worrisome, a little. Especially when the SDG&E guy said that it could be as long as 3 days for some people. We would've been alright without power for about 2 days but after that, we would have been out of food. We're supposed to go to the commissary tomorrow. We're not big on stocking up. Frankly, I barely have enough room in my kitchen for one week's worth of groceries.

We also have a boil water advisory. They mentioned that in the press conference last night too. I assumed that would have been lifted this morning when the power came back on but the lady at Jack in the Box told us that the health department told them not to serve anything made with water "until further notice". We don't have bottled water because we have an under-the-sink water filtration system that filters our tap water. So, we have to boil our water for now. No biggie.

Due to the fact that we lived in hurricane alley for three years, we have emergency stuff. We have a battery powered lantern with backup batteries, an emergency radio that runs on hand crank or batteries if you have them, and we also have a freak ton of candles but that's mainly because I love candles. Unfortunately, when you're burning that many candles for light with many varied scents, you end up with a headache.

We also had company last night for the blackout. My neighbor and her husband work at the Navy base downtown and couldn't get home because of the traffic. Fortunately, I'm on their emergency list and was willing and able to pick their daughter up from the youth center for them. They didn't get home until 9 last night. That's how crazy the freeways were. People said they saw people backing down the freeways to get out of traffic jams. Sheesh.

Today, power is back on but most traffic lights haven't been reset and they're either off or flashing. I would say the majority of people are smart enough to know that you treat intersections without traffic lights like four way stops. However, we saw an idiot bonehead totally blow through an intersection without even slowing down. Wake up!! We plan on going out sometime today and buying more batteries, some unscented candles, and a case of bottle water if we can find any. Call me crazy, but I don't trust the power to stay on at this point, lol. Counting the first day of school when the high school lost power because it rained (not because it was an electrical storm but literally because of the rain), we've experienced some sort of power outage three days in a row.

Ironic thing:  Yesterday was the Mister's birthday. As soon as he had finished unwrapping his Madden 2012 for the PS3, the power went out! Hehehehe. How rude is that??

Oh. And I totally would like to thank Twitter and all my San Diego tweeps for keeping me informed and for the laughs.

And to the asshats who were charging double for water and bagged ice, you'll get yours and I hope you rot when you do.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

First Week of School

This school year has been the biggest adjustment. Both kids are at new schools...again, this year with one starting junior high and the other high school. I'm so tired that I don't know if I'm coming or going. This is what our day looked like yesterday:

6:20am - The Mister, the oldest child, and I get up.

6:20 - 6:45 - Getting ready for school, filling out paperwork for the oldest child, The Mister leaves for work.

7:15 - I leave to drive the oldest to school. Traffic is backed up 2 blocks because some genius city planner thought it'd be a good idea to build a high school on the corner of 2 of the 3 busiest streets in town and right on the way of morning commuters on the way to 2 different freeways.

7:30 - I get home and put my phone in the youngest child's room so that the alarm I have set will wake her up while I hit the shower.

7:30 - 8:30 - The youngest child and I are getting ready for the day.

8:30 - I head out to drive the youngest to school. That's right. I get the privilege of driving both kids to and from school this year.

8:45 - We get to the middle school and I have to park to go into the office to pay for the youngest's PE clothes. I pay, say goodbye, and drive home.

9:00 - about noonish - I go on a cleaning spree cuz I'm back to wearing the hat of SAHM (and that's all I have to say about that at this point in time) so I figure I should clean. Plus, I have maintenance coming at some point in the day to fix the 1/2 bath toilet that's been broken for about a month.
Some point during the morning, the Mister comes home from work to work out in the garage. This is what he does all day yesterday.

1:00 pm - I go a round with the oldest child on the phone (Going a round with her at least once a day is par for the course. No biggie.) as she calls me from school (Wednesday is early release day for her) to tell me she's walking to her old junior high to "see people". I tell her that's fine but that she needs to be home before 5 to eat, hydrate, and rest before band practice later on that night.

1 pm- I'm mopping the kitchen. Maintenance guy has come and gone and fixed the toilet half way telling me that it will hold "for a while". The Mister is still in the garage working out.

2'ish - I finally sit down for a minute.

3:10 pm -  The oldest calls and asks me to pick up her and her friend at Jack in the Box. I tell her to be ready to go cuz I have to leave soon to pick up her sister.

3:20 - On the way home from Jack in the Box, my reminder alarm goes off telling me it's time to leave to pick up the youngest. At this point, I'm speeding to get home so that I can drop off my cargo and get to the middle school on time.

3:25 - 4:05 - Picking up the youngest child. Which, btw, traffic is only backed up about half a block at her school. The parking lot, however, is a nightmare. I have to fight cars coming from three different directions and kids crossing two different ways in the parking lot just to get back to the street. It sucks and I hate it.

4:10 - 5pm. - The Mister is done working out and is now hiding out upstairs to get away from the VERY loud teenager and her friend and I join him when the youngest starts adding her voice to the fray.

5 pm - All 5 of us load up in the car to drop the oldest and her friend off at the high school for band practice. Then the three of us go to Target to get the youngest a lock for her locker and juice boxes for her lunch. She has decided she doesn't want to buy lunch this year. We'll see how long that lasts.

6'ish pm - We get home and I put a pork tenderloin in the over for dinner.

6:22 pm - The power goes off. Lucky for us, at this point in the day, it's only about 90 degrees outside and not the 100 it was earlier that day. Ha ha. My tenderloin still has about 10 more minutes to cook, at least, and none of the sides have been cooked yet. So, dinner is a bust and we hit the Arby's.

7:25 - We're home and I get a text from the oldest asking me to bring her a folder she forgot.

7:30 - 8:15 pm - I sit in the car wondering where in the heck the oldest is, playing solitaire on my phone, and listening to music. Loudly. In our texting, she didn't bother to mention that I could bring the folder when I came to pick her up from practice. I thought she needed it immediately. So I sat in my car for 45 minutes for no good reason. We go another round on the way home.

The rest of the night until 9:30, we complain about how hot it is in the house and that it's still too hot outside to open the windows. I'm thankful that we bought our emergency lantern in NC for our hurricane supplies even though it was never used for that purpose. No power on a hot night is no fun. We decide to go to bed cuz what the heck else are ya gonna do??

11 pm - I have finally just dozed off when I hear knocking at the door. It's the maintenance guys. They need us to move our car that's parked at the curb because the cause of the power outage is in our front yard. The electrical box thingy blew. Oil was all over the place. It has to be replaced. Blah blah. So the Mister moves the car, we go back to bed, and power comes back on about 1 am. The AC has never been more appreciated than in that moment.

Every day from now on will be a variation of this with the exception of losing our power for 7 hours...hopefully. I don't know how long I'm going to last having to drive both kids to and from school every day. In theory, the oldest can walk. The high school isn't so far but when it's 100 degrees outside, I don't like her having to walk. And she's just plain bitchy when I make her walk to school and I don't know if it's easier just to drive her so I don't have to listen to it or if I should make her walk. The youngest, however, her school is way too far away for walking to be an option. I hate traffic. It stresses me in a non-normal way. I need pills. I swear. How many days left in the school year???