Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being Awarded

I recently had two awards bestowed upon me by Bridget at Mama Belly Blog. What a sweetheart! The first one is

loveyaward ."These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

The second one is


Honest Scrap award:A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.


And here are my ten honest things:

  1. I’m a girl gamer and a nerd at heart. I enjoy MMORPG games, watching shows like Battlestar Galactica on television, and learning about SEO, social networking, and website development.
  2. Along the same lines as being a nerd, I get addicted to my gadgets. My new iPod goes with me everywhere including but not limited to restaurants, the car, and my bed.
  3. Sometimes I tell my kids that I’m working even when I’m not just to get some peace and quiet in my office.
  4. I get tired of defending why I was first a sahm and now why I’m a wahm. If I worked outside of the house, I’d probably have to defend why I neglect my kids, home, and husband. It’s really a no win kinda thing.
  5. I got my hair cut and colored the other day and I’m really not sure I like the color.
  6. I have chosen some truly lovely people to call friends. My only wish is that they lived in the same town or even state as me. (((Hugs)))
  7. I get insomnia and migraines when I’m stressed out.
  8. I honestly think that some of my online blogger friends and I would hit it off great in real life.
  9. No matter how much I clean it, my desk is always a mess and I have no one to blame but myself which sucks, lol.
  10. This was harder than I though it would be.

Now I must choose blogs to award. This is hard but not because I can’t think of anyone deserving but because I try not to pick the same people every time which  I will inevitably do anyway, lol.

There ya go. If any of you have gotten these awards before, you must’ve really deserved them. ;)

Friday, January 30, 2009

What I’m Reading

I have recently discovered the Stanza app on my iPod. It’s my favorite book app so far. I’ve downloaded 14 “classic” book titles to it so far and have started reading "Lady Chatterley's Lover” by D.H. Lawrence. I started out with that novel because it was so controversial in its day. I think it’s funny that it was considered pornography when today, the themes in the novel would hardly set off anyone’s porno alarm. Yes, there are love scenes and some of them are a very little bit descriptive, but in my jaded, modern, view, they are nothing to  get your panties in a twist about. I completely understand why, in 1928, it was so racy though. “Penis” just wasn't a word that was said or read about in the open, lol.

Anyway, I think I’m about halfway through and I am really enjoying it so far. There are times when it’s a bit slow but I’m an excellent skimmer and get past those parts fast enough. There is a scene in which the housekeeper/nurse is sharing all of her “town” gossip with the Chatterley's that drags on for a few pages that I really didn’t see the point in them. Maybe I skimmed too fast, lol.  As for the sex scenes, rather than getting all hot and bothered, they really only make me feel sorry for the “lovers” that are involved in them. They are cold and almost emotionless.

I’m still also reading my Marie Antoinette biography. I sorta put it aside for my iPod. That darn thing is taking over my life, lol. Anyway, I’m getting towards the end which is why I think it was so easy for me to leave it on my nightstand for a few days. I know how it ends, anyone with a bit of knowledge about World History should know how it’s going to end. Even knowing, I keep hoping that that cold fish, Louis XVI would pull his head out of  the clouds and finally decide to stand up to the French people. It’s the same way that I am when I watch the movie Titanic. I know how it’s going to end but I always hope that they’ll turn the damn ship in time to miss the iceberg, lol.

I just finished reading Plum Spooky  by Janet Evanovich. It’s her first full length “between the numbers” novel. I've been reading around the blogosphere how people are unhappy with the cost of the book. It’s about 300 pages long and the list price is $27.95  and it’s a hardcover. $27.95 is a bit steep but I got a 40% discount with my membership at Books A Million. All that aside, I liked the book. It was just what I was looking for:  lighthearted, funny, and easy. I read it in a day. While it wasn’t as funny as some of the other Stephanie Plum books, I still really liked it. The monkeys were hilarious, heheh.

I just bought a few books that I’ve added to my TBR pile that I’m anxious to get into. One is about the de Medici’s, one is about King Edward IV, one is about Henry VIII’s wives, and the last one is John Grisham’s latest. Fun, fun, fun.!

And I think that’s all the reading news that I have right now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t been the most consistent of bloggers lately. Having the kids home for the entire week last week really threw my routine for a loop. Actually, it stomped on it and then flushed it down the toilet. This week, I have the Mister home with me because he took some leave. Maybe my life will get back to “normal” next week.

Anyway, I took the time to catch up on some TV shows that I had DVR’d last night. I watched Private Practice which is still keeping me highly entertained this season. The agoraphobic in the closet cracked me up.I also watched ER and the ending which I won’t give away in case someone else hasn’t watched it yet, made me want to cry. I’ve also started watching the United States of Tara on Showtime. I already love that show. I’ve been a fan of Toni Collette’s since I saw her in the movie About  a Boy. She plays crazy amazingly well. Showtime is also finishing up The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I don’t know what it says about me, but I really love that show too. Despite it’s title, it’s really not all  about being an escort. I enjoyed a nice glass of wine with both of these shows. They just seem to require wine. I don’t know why. ;)

Let’s see…

The Mister and I packaged up our first set of soap samples that we mailed to a select few for what I am hoping will be honest opinions. We’re definitely going to push back our official grand opening to mid-February, beginning of March. I still don’t have the website going yet and we don’t have labels printed up yet either. We ordered some software for the website and accidentally got the wrong program. So, it has to be exchanged for the correct one which won’t give me enough time to launch the website by Feb 1st as we had originally planned. Since  this is the biggest potential failure we’ve ever attempted, I can’t say that I’m sorry, lol. I’m really nervous about getting going and this setback takes a little of the pressure off for at least a week or two.

I’ve also been really into my new iPod and it goes everywhere with me these days. The Mister was jealous of mine so he bought himself one too over the weekend. I think I created a monster though because he Twitters more than I do nowadays, heheh. I tried calling him from the car today and he didn’t answer his phone so I tweeted to him to call me. That’s how addicted we both are. Kinda scary. We both download new apps like someone is chasing us with a hot poker. It’s really sorta insane. Oh well.

Trying to think…

I have the weirdest ear pain in the world. It’s not in my inner ear like an ear infection pain but it’s on the outside. It hurts bad enough that it wakes me up if I lay on it and it hurts to turn my head. How crazy is that? I’m going to give it a few days to see if it gets any better before making a doctor’s appointment. I feel sorta silly going to the doctor for outer ear pain, lol. I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s causing it though. Like I said, it’s strange.

I know there’s other stuff to blog about becasue it’s been so long since I’ve updated but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I’m pretty tired and I”m going to hit the couch and see what’s on TV tonight.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow In North Carolina

The snow in our state has been such a huge deal here. If it hadn’t been for other goings on yesterday, this would have been the only thing on our local news. All of our city and county government offices were closed yesterday as well as all the schools and local colleges. I’m sure northerners are laughing at how a couple inches of snow completely incapacitated our state, lol.

The girls got both yesterday and today off of school because of the weather. Even the Mister didn’t have to go to work until noon today. The girls got off really lucky because they didn’t have school Monday because of the holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday because of the weather, and Thursday and Friday because of teacher work days. So they ended up having the entire week off of school.

Here’s a picture from this morning:


I also took a very short video yesterday of the dogs playing in the snow. I tried uploading it here but after 3 hours of waiting, I gave up. It’s online:

In other non-snow news…My dad had surgery yesterday for his PAD. They had to take some artificial arteries and use them to bypass the blockages in my dad’s right leg. He hasn’t had a pulse in his foot for some time and it’s also been cold because of the lack of blood flow. Today, his foot is warm and it has a pulse. It’s amazing and we’re thrilled for him. I just got off of the phone with him from ICU and he’s in great spirits. He said that it’s weird to have his right leg and foot warm when the left is still cold. They’ll be performing surgery on his left leg after he’s had time to recover from his right leg. Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news and ask that you keep my dad in your thoughts that he continues to have a smooth recovery. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laying Low

I’ve been keeping a low profile the past few days. The Mister had yesterday and today off of work as did the kids. I haven’t checked my e-mail or answered the phone since Friday, lol. Do you know how wonderful that is? My mini-break is over today since I have to get some work in which means I have to open Outlook but it was nice while it lasted.

The girls were supposed to go back to school today but they cancelled school on account of all the snow we got:


Scary, huh? The entire eastern part of North Carolina is closed today. It’s probably for the best since snow in these parts tends to panic people. I remember a time in Vermont when we already had about four inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing so hard you could barely see and they still didn’t cancel school for my kids, lol. At the time, I thought it was a bit ridiculous but there had to be snowfall of an epic proportion before they cancelled school up there. As much as I hate the snow and cold I was still hoping just a little bit that we would get the 3-5 inches that was forecasted. Hannah has never seen the snow and I think she’d be really funny playing in it. Bailey always was. She liked to snuffle her muzzle in it then come back up with a snow beard. It always made us laugh.

Well, since I have done nothing, I have nothing else to blog about. Our plans for today include staying inside because of the snow and it’s quite blustery outside with the wind chills. I made a nice pot of chili for dinner last night which we’re going to have for lunch today and then I’m making homemade chicken and noodles for dinner tonight in honor of the “snow”, heheh. Fun times.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Did I Mention

That I got an iPod Touch for Christmas? I so very much love it. It’s my third iPod and my favorite by far. It goes everywhere with me including to bed because I use it for an alarm clock, heheh. I use it so much that I’m barely at my computer anymore except for work and to plug it in to charge it. You all are probably aware of my gadget addiction by now and my iPod will feed it for some time to come. Well, at least until a new version comes out, lol.

What I like about it is that I can check my e-mail, Twitter, read books, surf the net, check the weather, play games on it, watch videos on it,  and many other things. I’m not sure if there’s anything that it doesn’t do aside from the phone functions that you would get with an iPhone should you be able to stand having AT&T for your service provider.

The only, and I mean only, tiny thing about my new iPod that isn’t quite as nice as my old one is that it’s not compatible with the iPod harness that came with my car. It’ll still play music through the stereo and I can use my stereo controls to play my music but it won’t charge it like it will older iPods. This means for long trips that we will need to bring our iPod charger for the car. No biggie. I can deal with it.

If you don’t have one and are in the market for an MP3 player, I highly recommend an iPod Touch.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Many Thoughts

I have so many things flying around in my head these days that it’s hard to figure out what to say.

I hate listening to other people’s descriptions of the dreams that they had which is why I don’t talk about mine that often, but I’ve been having some absolute doozies lately. Sunday night, I didn’t sleep at all. The Mister has a cold and when he has a cold, he snores like a bear. Coupled with taking nighttime cold meds, he’s impossible to wake up. Monday night, I couldn’t take it anymore so I went out on the couch. I don’t mind doing that. My couch is pretty cozy to sleep on. Still, even without the incessant snoring, I didn’t sleep very well. Around 3, I finally dozed off only to wake up again around 5. I laid there for a while and I think I must’ve dozed off again because that’s when I had my dream or whatever it was. I really could have sworn my eyes were still open at this point. Anyway, I “dreamt” that the youngest child came out of her room and then stood in front of me just staring. In my conscience, I knew that was wrong because she never gets up and the figure in front of me was too short to be her. This realization startled me awake and I was up for good after that. It totally weirded me out. Tuesday night, I started out on the couch instead of getting up like I did Monday night. I didn’t sleep very much at all because my other dream left me with an other-worldly feeling all day. When I did sleep, I had nightmares. Same thing last night too although I slept in my own bed. I figured that I’m not sleeping on the couch either so I may as well at least be in my own bed not sleeping, lol.

This not sleeping thing is totally getting ridiculous and having nightmares when I do get to sleep is making a bad situation worse. Whine, whine, bitch, moan, and complain. I know. Enough already. 

Now I’m on the phone with my sister and I get to listen to her whine, bitch, and complain. It’s really not so bad because it distracts me from my own whining, lol.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day of People

Despite the crazy drivers I encountered today, my faith in humanity is pretty high.

First of all, it rained. All day.Lots of rain. But you know what? This is North Carolina. People here shouldn’t be strangers to rain and they should know how to drive in it. The oldest child’s school is 2.5 miles from our house. Round trip, it took me 25 minutes to drive to and from her school and in those five miles, I saw police, fire trucks, and ambulances responding to two traffic accidents. 25 MINUTES to drive FIVE miles. Friday, there is a slight chance of snow. We’re in some sort of cold snap. Anyway, if it snows, the oldest is just going to have to miss school because I’m not getting on the same roads in snowy conditions with people that can’t drive in the rain. Nope. Not happening.

Now, why is my faith in humanity on an upswing??? I received a Christmas card from my grandparents today. It’s a might late, right? Well, there was a note in with it explaining that they had sent it to our old address on accident. The new residents’ son accidentally opened the envelope thinking it was theirs. The father took the card and the check, put it in a new envelope, and sent it back to my grandparents in Texas with a note of apology. Can you believe that?? He totally could have just thrown the whole thing in the trash but was so very kind enough to go out of his way to mail it back to my grandparents. I was truly touched. I’m going to send them a thank you card for being kind, upstanding citizens. They made my day a little brighter despite the rain and gloominess.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Friends

Saturday we visited with some friends that we hadn’t seen in about three  years. It was a really great visit. Both the Mister and I commented on how we picked up right where we had left off and that the three years didn’t make us feel awkward in the least.

We were originally going to have them down to our house because they don’t have a house of their own yet. But instead of staying in a hotel until they could move into their new house, they decided to rent one of the beach rentals on Camp Lejeune at Onslow Beach. We, of course, couldn’t turn down a chance to hang out at the beach for the day. They wanted us to come for the whole weekend but you’re not allowed dogs there and we had nobody to watch Hannah and Bailey on such short notice. Do you know how much easier it is to travel with kids than it is with dogs? With kids, they’re allowed most anywhere that you are. You don’t have to pay a non-refundable deposit for kids at hotels. People are more willing to watch kids than they are dogs because kids don’t eat your garbage, chew your furniture, pee on the floor, or dig up your yard. Anyway…

So we spent the day at the beach rental. We mostly just sat around and reminisced and caught up with what we had missed out on the last three years. We had dinner together and the girls collected lots of neat shells on the beach. Then we had to leave because we had to get home to let the dogs out.

About a block of two from our house, the Mister asked the kids if they had locked the door on their way out. I have no idea what prompted him to worry about the doors being locked at that point because it was way too late to do anything about it had someone decided to break in while we were gone. Then, he gets this look on his face because he had just realized that we took his car instead of mine which meant that we didn’t have house keys with us. See? We have four sets of keys; two each for the Rav and the Scion. My Scion key also has my house keys on the same key chain because that’s the car that I drive. Likewise, the Mister’s Rav key is on the same keychain with his set of house keys. Turns out that he’s been using my Rav keys for some time because he lost his. We had to take the Rav to Camp Lejeune because we had to take our friends’ huge boxes that they had sent to our house when they moved. We held out hope that that interior garage door was unlocked because we don’t always keep that door locked. Nope. No such luck. Then we checked all the windows which was no easy feat because we have solar screens on all the windows and we had to climb the privacy fence to get in the backyard, heheh. But alas, I’m a stickler for not getting murdered in my sleep and all our windows were locked up tight. What other choice did we have at 8:30 at night but to call a locksmith. I was afraid that it was going to cost a lot to have the locksmith out but it didn’t at all. I was pleasantly surprised. It also only took him like two minutes to get the door open with his lock picking tool. Through it all, I totally kept my cool. I sat in the car and surfed the Internet on my iPod, lol. Oh. And you know what else?? The locksmith didn’t ask for identification AT ALL and we paid in cash. I know we didn’t exactly look suspicious with two kids and all, but that would be a really good cover for breaking into people’s houses. He should have at least asked for a driver’s license, imo.

That was our Saturday.

Sunday, I didn’t do a darn thing all day. I didn’t even get dressed but stayed in my pj’s all day. Last week was rough and I just wanted one mindless day. The biggest thing I did all day was cook dinner, lol. It was wonderful.

How was your weekend?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Personality Test

Is this me to a T or what? Although I think it's extreme to say that, "You generally see others as selfish, devious, and sometimes potentially dangerous." That's not really true. I don't trust easily but I don't "generally" think all people are dangerous.

My Personality

Openness to Experience
You do not experience strong, irresistible cravings and consequently do not find yourself tempted to overindulge, however you feel enraged when things do not go your way. You are sensitive about being treated fairly and feel resentful and bitter if you think you are being cheated. You tend to feel overwhelmed by, and therefore actively avoid, large crowds. You often need privacy and time for yourself. You prefer facts over fantasy and are more interested in what is happening in the real word. You see no need for pretense or manipulation when dealing with others and are therefore candid, frank and sincere. People find it relatively easy to relate to you, however you generally see others as selfish, devious, and sometimes potentially dangerous. You have a strong sense of duty and obligation, and feel a moral obligation to do the right thing.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Feeling Out of Sorts

I didn’t take any Excedrin PM last night and therefore I didn’t sleep very well. Having an addiction is one of my worst fears so I don’t want to take sleep meds every night. I don’t even like taking Tylenol too often, lol. Insomnia sucks though. It’s depressing and makes it hard to function during the day. It also makes me very short tempered. The carpool incident I posted about yesterday, well, I was literally seeing red. My face got all hot and my hands started shaking. I really wanted to get out of my car and beat the crap out of that guy. And last night, the mister and I got in my car to go pick up Bacon food when I noticed that my rearview mirror had been messed with. I had just fixed it yesterday morning so I know that the neighborhood kids had messed with it last night. I know it wasn’t my kids because they were both grounded to the house last night. When I saw it, the freaking fingerprint-smudged, out of skew mirror, I was tempted to tell the mister to turn around so I could go and put my fingers all over those kids’ faces (they were still outside playing in the neighbors’ yard.). Seriously. I need to get a grip.

To top it off, I have a very tender cyst in my boob. Yes, it’s a cyst. Yes, I know for sure. No, you don’t need to get your panties in a twist about it. It’s just painful and irritating which doesn’t help my mood. It should go away in a day or so though.

I seriously think that if I could just beat on someone a little that I would feel immeasurably better. Nothing too painful just some punches and maybe a few kicks here and there. Any volunteers?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Boring Day

I haven’t done too much today other than work and nerdy blog/website stuff. That could actually sum up my last three days, lol. Although, today is the first day that I haven’t felt tired since Saturday. I took some Excedrin PM last night and was asleep before 11. It was very nice sleeping the whole night through.

My sister didn’t have any luck at the ear, nose, and throat specialist yesterday. Her ear is so swollen that the doctor couldn’t do anything with it. He gave her the okay to go back to work though. His advice:  Just put the stethoscope in your good ear. What a gem.

I did have a bit of excitement in the carpool lane of my daughter’s school this afternoon. Some jerkass majorly cut me off, and I mean majorly, and then sat and laughed about it with his buddy. So, I rode his ass, and I’m telling you  my bumper was kissing his, the whole way to pick the kids up. Then, I hollered for the oldest child to hurry up and get in the car so that I could block him into the lane so he couldn’t leave the school. HA! Road rage in the carpool lane! Immature, yes, but it made me feel better.

And that sums up my boring life. Work, Internet junk, and road rage in a school zone.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Being Picky Again

Is it really being picky to expect more from your local news station? Don’t they employ editors and proofreaders?

Bullets ring through the home of New Bern man while he was sitting on his porch.

It happened Friday Night at 523 Miller street.

Tyjuan Starks tells police he was sitting on his porch when a male drove buy and opened fire.

The only description is that the shooter was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Starks was taken to PCMH.

If you have any information about the shooting your asked to call New Bern Police.

Things from Yesterday

My Monday was pretty much non-stop. That’s a good thing because it kept me from being able to think about how tired I was, lol.

I got a call from my sister yesterday. Poor thing has swimmers ear on top of a really bad ear infection. The infection is so bad that she has completely lost the hearing in her right ear and she has, so far, not responded to antibiotics. Being a nurse, having an ear infection has made it impossible for her to work so she’s been laid up at home with a toddler for the past few days. I feel so bad for her because I used to suffer from ear infections as a child so bad that I had to have tubes in my ears and I still remember the agony of them. I’m hoping that her visit to an ear, nose, and throat specialist today will give her some relief.

I also got a call from some friends of ours that we knew in Vermont. They were transferred to California after VT and we were transferred here so it’s been a few years since we’ve seen them. The awesome thing? They just arrived yesterday to Jacksonville!! I am so excited to have friends nearby again. We’re meeting up with them this weekend to give them some boxes they had shipped to our house and to just hang out. I can’t wait!

Yesterday was also my first day back to work. It was a slow start back, lol. I need to get back into my old routine and find my groove again. Two weeks off is a good thing/bad thing but I don’t regret it. I needed time to refuel.

I also redesigned my Entrecard yesterday. Take a look:


I wish I had my old one so that you could compare, but I’m not sure where I saved it at on my various hard drives, heheh.

Ohio State lost the Tostitos Bowl last night. :( The Mister was not a happy camper about that. But, they still beat Michigan, heheh.

Now I’m off to get ready to pick the oldest up from school. I didn’t miss doing that over the break.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Bookish Quiz

I figured this would go along nicely with my bookish meme of today.

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Literate Good Citizen
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

First Meme of the Year

I was tagged by Josette to do this meme. It’s my first of the year and a bookish one to boot.

The Rules from Eva, the meme creator at A Striped Armchair:

1. Tag 3-5 people, so the fun keeps going!
2. Leave a comment at the original post at A Striped Armchair, so that Eva can collect everyone’s answers.
3. If you leave a comment and link back to Eva as the meme’s creator, she will enter you in a book giveaway contest! She has a whole shelf devoted to giveaway books that you’ll be able to choose from, or a bookmooch point if you prefer.
4. Remember that this is all about enjoying books as physical objects, so feel free to describe the exact book you’re talking about, down to that warping from being dropped in the bath water…
5. Make the meme more fun with visuals! Covers of the specific edition you’re talking about, photos of your bookshelves, etc.

The book that’s been on your shelves the longest:

The answer to this one would be the copies of novels that I saved from high school. I still have A Separate Peace by John Knowles and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

A book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time, etc.):

This would be my copy of Creation in Death by J.D. Robb. This book will always remind me of Dana because we drove to Myrtle Beach together for the book signing..

A book you acquired in some interesting way (gift, serendipity in a used bookstore, prize, etc.):

Again, that would be my Creation in Death book because I bought it at the book signing. It’s the only book I’ve ever bought at a book signing.

A book that’s been with you to the most places:

This one is really hard to answer. We’ve moved so many times that most of my books are better travelled than a lot of people will ever be, lol. Still, I’d have to say that the answer is the books that  I’ve had since high school. Since they are the oldest, they probably have the most miles on them.

A bonus book that you want to talk about but doesn’t fit into the other questions:

I can’t really think of one. I’m still reading my Marie Antoinette biography which is a fantastic book. Aside from the intrigue of the French royal court, the thing I find most interesting about this book is reading the tidbits about the American Revolution from the French perspective. Being an American myself, I’ve only been taught or have read about our history from an American perspective so it’s been fun and informative to see how the French viewed it especially considering the American/French relations of today.

Now I have to tag people. I have a really hard time picking people so I tag anybody who would like to play along. Please leave me a comment if you do so that I can read your responses though! :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

First Post of the Year

We have had a very quiet holiday season. Quiet but good. As I’ve said in the past, we don’t go out of our way to celebrate New Years Eve. We’re up just because we’re up at midnight when we don’t have to work the next day anyway. We do let the girls stay up until midnight which is something they don’t get to do on a normal night. I turned off my phone though because I didn’t want any drunken midnight calls from family and friends. I actually haven’t talked to anyone outside of my house since 12/29, lmao. That’s so funny.

We got all of our holiday decorations down and packed up. For the first time since we have lived in this house, I finally have my living room the way that I want it. All my stuff is hanging on the walls and the furniture is placed where I want it too. I love it. It’s cozy and homey while still be spacious and uncluttered.

Anyway, we’ve been busy. We’ve made some soap and have come up with an awesome new recipe. We love it and I think our potential customers will too. In other soap news, I spent two whole days trying to develop our website. It’s a lot of freaking work especially when web development is not your specialty and you don’t know what you want. I mean, I have spent HOURS working on this and haven’t come up with anything spectacular yet. Our February 1st deadline is fast approaching and I’m starting to sweat. Eventually, this sort of thing will go on Coastal Natural Soap’s blog. It’s one more thing on my soap “to do” list.

I’d like to take this time to acknowledge my top Entrecard droppers for December. They are as follows:











Please click on any of their cards to check out their blogs should you be interested. I would like to make this a monthly feature but I have a feeling I’ll forget from time to time. ;)