Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shut Up and Don't Nag Me About This

The title...My exact words to the Oldest child when she asked for the umpteenth time if she could get her face pierced. When she turns 18 and moves out on her own, she can pierce herself until the cows come home. Until then, nuh uh. Maybe this makes me old. Maybe this makes me unyielding. Maybe this makes me judgmental and no fun. I can live with that. The Mister happens to agree with me 100% on this. United we stand. She can pierce her ears however she'd like, but no body piercings and certainly nothing on her face. I don't think a 14 year old can grasp the ramifications of what a facial piercing means and how it permanently scars. I'm stodgy. I'm boring. Again...I can live with it.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Wrath of Mom

You know how I hate Mondays, right? Well, tomorrow is going to be a particularly rough one.

We have to get up at around 3-3:30 am so that we can have the oldest child at the airport by 4:30. Why? She is taking a class trip to Washington, D.C., Gettysburg, PA, and NYC this week. I am very much the nervous mom. I can't believe that I'm sending my child clear across the country without me or her dad. And just so ya know. The first person that tells me she'll be fine and laughs at my mom-ness is going to get my foot up their butt. Seriously. I'm sure she's going to have the most absolute wonderful time with her friends and see some fabulous historical sites, but I will worry nonetheless. I just hope she gets lots of great pictures.

After we get back from the airport, the Mister has a 6:30 meeting at work and I have one from 10-11 and another from 11-noon. I can't imagine, after having to get up at the time of the morning, that I will remember what happens at either of these meetings let alone be of any use at them. Good thing I have a nice supply of coffee in the house.

I can't believe that if I were to go to bed right now, I'd have to get up again in 8 hours. The sun hasn't even gone down all the way.