Thursday, February 23, 2006

S would like to thank everyone for her birthday gifts. She thought the phone call and card she got from Toys R Us was really neat and the card she got from Modern Woodman of America was just special.

Way to go everyone.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Infamous Granny Story of 2006

Here is the actual article that I scanned out of our newspaper. The photo shows the back entrance to the recruiting office as the women were being led away to be arrested by the police. They could possible get 3 months in jail depending on how their court appearances go. C said that his phone's been ringing off the hook from people calling riding them about letting old women commandeer the office, lol. The grannies were also on our local news last night and this morning. I think this whole thing gives you all an idea of just how small the community that we live in is.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Newpaper Article from Yesterday

Three protesters arrested during Barre anti-war rally

February 16, 2006

BARRE – Three elderly women were arrested late Wednesday afternoon for commandeering an office room inside a military recruiting office on North Main Street in Barre.

Lea Wood, 89, of Montpelier; Mary Belenky, 72, of Marshfield and Barbara Grant, 69, of Plainfield were singing anti-war songs inside the recruiting office along with about a dozen other women. When the women, who said they represented the Women's International League for Peace and the Raging Grannies, refused recruiters' requests that they leave, Barre police were called to resolve the situation, according to a police report.

All the women except Wood, Belenky and Grant acquiesced with police orders. The three holdouts were eventually escorted by police out of the building and issued citations to appear in Vermont District Court in Barre to answer charges of misdemeanor trespassing.

The women who staged the sit-in were part of a larger contingent of protesters holding signs and singing outside the Main Street building, police said.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pay Attention Here

This post sort of relates to the one I posted earlier today. Well, I guess it's more of an update. Anyway, for those of you that would be interested, you might want to start paying more attention to the blog for the next 10 or so months. We are on the last leg of recruiting duty and from here on out will be getting ready to move. The first step happened today. C submitted his request for new orders. We will find out in about 6 weeks where we will be going; whether it is where he requested or where the Marine Corps decides that he is needed. I figure it's safe to say where he requested since the paperwork has been submitted and nobody's opinion will make a difference now. His first two choices are with two MALS units at Miramar, CA. His Third choice is with a MALS unit in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. So, there you have it.

I know that all the family is always saying that they want us to get stationed closer to Ohio, but we don't want to move to Virginia and we don't want to live where there are hurricanes every year (North or South Carolina). We want to be warm again. Besides, way more people visited us while we lived in Cali than while we lived here in Vermont and Vermont is within driving distance. And if by some weird chance we end up in Hawaii, are you really going to complain if you come to visit us there? I don't think so.

But, if we end up in Virginia or wherever, at least it's not Vermont. ;)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things around our house have been pretty uninteresting lately. That's why the updates have been few and far between.

ANYwho, the girls are doing pretty good. With the crazy weather we've been having, I think they're coming down with a cold though. School is going good for the both of them. The year is going by really fast.

C's hanging in. Work is tough for him right now and June can't get here fast enough. He put over 700 miles on his car yesterday. Isn't that just craziness??

My school is coming right along. My vampire class is my favorite by far. I had all my work for the week done yesterday. Art Appreciation comes in second. And Psych is still pulling up in last place. I just like being back in school no matter what the classes are.

I discovered the other day that we have a leak in our roof. Fun for us. I called every roofer in the area and could only get 2 of them to set up an appointment to come out and then they never showed up. I'm sure what I'm going to do about it now. Luckily, it's too cold for the snow to melt and it's not currently leaking. Never thought I'd hope for cold weather, lol. I don't think the cold temps are going to hold out past today though. Keep your fingers crossed.