Thursday, March 17, 2005

Home Again, Home Again...

We made it back safe and sound late Tuesday night. We're beginning to hate the drive from Vermont to Ohio. 14 hours in a car isn't fun no matter how you look at it. The girls made it to school yesterday despite being up so late the night before. They've missed so much school lately it's pathetic.

Domino went bye bye while we were gone. We don't miss him. He was a pain and didn't have half the personality that Chloe has. Chloe, however, is being a pain herself since we've been back. She always makes us pay for leaving her. She's been kicking her litter everywhere and dumping her food dish. She'll settle down after a couple of days, but until then she's going to drive me crazy.

This is the first day of the last week of my current class. I'll be so glad to get that class over with. It was boring as all get out. Being in Ohio made me fall behind, so I had a lot of catch up to do in one day.

Now, we're just trying to hash out a few things with the new house and get settled back into our regular routine.

One of the radio stations on the way back was having people call in with their favorite or most hated reality tv show. It made me realize that I like very few reality shows and couldn't pick just one that I hate the most. Who's with me? I can't stand any of the dating and marriage shows, Survivor, or American Idol. C and I both like Project Greenlight, Last Comic Standing and American Chopper. I like Wife Swap and Super Nanny. The people on those shows are so annoying, lol.

Something else we saw on the way home was that there is an Iwo Jima Memorial in Connecticut. We saw a sign for it and I looked it up on the internet to see what, exactly, it was. It looks neat and we'll have to stop there sometime.

Has anyone read The Da Vinci Code? Some Catholic cardinal is warning people against reading it, lol. I read it and enjoyed it and recommend it to others. Good thing I'm not Catholic I guess, heheh.

Anyway, Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Don't forget to wear your green.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Pictures and Other Things

I've posted some pictures of the house we're buying. There's more on the realtor's website, but I haven't posted those yet. So, starting from the top and working our way down, I'll explain what you're looking at.

The first picture is of the dining area. We're thinking of using it for an office area and putting the kitchen table next to the kitchen, behind the fireplace though. That's something we'll figure out for sure when we get our junk moved in. The light that you can sorta see at the top of the picture, we plan on replacing that with a ceiling fan light deal. I hate the one hanging there.

The second picture is of one of the bedrooms. They both basically look the same. One is going to be the girls' bedroom and the other will be their toy room since they've decided they want us to put their bunkbeds together and share a room again.

The third pic is the living room looking towards the front door and coat closet. The border will be the first thing to go and I plan on painting. What color? I haven't decided yet.

The next pic is the master bedroom looking at the closet. Again, I plan on painting that room too. Color has yet to be determined.

The next pic is the master bath. Across from the toilet is the shower and behind me is the oversized tub. I love that bathroom. The fixtures have to go though.

The next pic is the living room, I was standing back by the front door, looking towards the kitchen. In this angle, behind the fireplace is where we're thinking of putting the kitchen table.

Next is the laundry room.

Next is one of the girls' bedrooms again looking at the closet and out the door.

The last picture is the girls'/guest bathroom.

I think that's the grand tour basically. I'll post more pictures another time. We're getting ready to go to Ohio today when C gets off of work. Our grandfather passed away last night, so we'll be in Ohio for the funeral and stuff until Tuesday. So, I need to finish up cleaning the house and load the car so we can go as soon as C calls to say they're done with him. Till later.

Dining area.

Bedroom #2

Living room.

Master bedroom looking at the closet.

Master Bathroom.

Living room looking towards hall and kitchen.

Laundry room.

Bedroom #2

This is the second bedroom from the back corner, looking towards the door so that you can see the closet.

The girls'/guest bathroom.

This is a shot of the second bathroom. Other than replacing the fixtures, this room will pretty much stay the same.

Thursday, March 03, 2005