Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Are WEIRD!!

I know that we are new to the homeschooling thing. I don't, by any means, shape, form, or dream, claim to be an expert on homeschooling. However, for the record, I resent anybody making the JUDGMENT that homeschooled kids are weird. Screw you. And just so you know, our kid was weird before we started homeschooling not that it's any of your damn business. ;)


  1. I know a lot of people who are chosing to homeschool these days and I think it's really cool. My husband's cousin homeschools her two boys and they love it. She finds out about a lot of activities from some homeschool internet board or something and they meet up with other kids for swimming, etc.
    Don't listen to they naysayers, they are just defensive of what they don't know about. I personally think it's pretty awesome.

  2. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Don't listen to them. Nobody knows your situation and what is best for your family but you. People just assume that we all want to hear their opinions. C'mon, say the phrase that fits. People suck. (Sorry, had to be done).

  3. Pam~~Thanks for the support! We knew coming into this that we would be up against people who think they know what's best for my kid, but it's different when it actually happened.

    Dana~~People do suck! This person has been getting in my craw for over two years now. I wish either they'd get transferred or we would, lol.


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