Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 Things I Did to Take Back Sunday

Having the Mister gone this past week has been an adjustment. I find myself getting sentimental over the dumbest things. For instance, I can't make myself erase our last Blackberry Messenger conversation off of my phone even though it makes me sad to see the little red "x" next to his name that means "Contact is Unreachable". It's pathetic, I know.

The girls have been really good all week. I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them that all three of us are doing okay, but we are. Every once in a while, I catch the oldest being too quiet or staring off into space and I know she's thinking about her dad and today, the youngest told me she was missing her dad. Still, over all, we're getting in lots of girl time, just the three of us.

Today, Sunday, I decided that I was going to take Sundays just for me. All week long, I work and take care of the house, kids, dogs, and whatnot. I've decided that Saturdays are going to be my commissary days and little shopping excursions for the girls. That's what we did this past Saturday. But Sundays, I've decided that they're going to be days that I get to do whatever it is that I want to do. I think I need a bit of time to ease into this new idea because this is what I did on my first "Me Sunday".

  1. I did my laundry. Again, I got all sentimental because some of the Mister's clothes were still in the hamper.
  2. I changed the sheets on my bed.
  3. I helped the girls with their chores.
  4. I vacuumed the downstairs, the upstairs hallway, and my bedroom.
  5. I cleaned the downstairs half bath.
  6. I hung wall decorations (it only took me 6 months) in the living room, entry way, and downstairs half bath.
  7. I cooked dinner.
Maybe by next Sunday I'll have figured out how to relax. ;)


  1. Isn't it crazy what else we can do instead of relaxing??!! I seem to be perpetually trying to catch up as each week just becomes crazier and I seldom just relax!

    It must be pretty tough for your girls, poor things.

  2. Emm~~Yeah. It's pretty crazy. I'm hoping to learn to relax a little better, lol.

    It's hard on the kids, but they are coping rather well. It's still very early in the game though and I'm sure there will be bumps in the road but we'll handle them one at a time.

  3. Sounds um... Fun?

    I wish I had a me day. I get Tues and Wed off and there is too much going on during the week to take a break.

  4. Jennifer~~Well, I didn't exactly get a me day. I'm so busy this month that me time is pretty much a dream. Still, busy = a nice paycheck so I'm not complaining. Plus, it makes the time go by faster.

    As moms, we need to figure out a way to have actual me time though. It's important.


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