Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why the USPS is Going the Way of the Dinosaur


This arrived in my mail yesterday:

It's postmarked from December 28th and it once contained a prepaid gift card inside of it. First of all, it took the post office almost a month to get it to us so that we had some idea of why it never arrived. Second of all, they apologize for it arriving damaged but not for the fact that it had obviously been purposely opened and the contents stolen.

Luckily, when it didn't arrive in a timely manner, I was able to let the person who had sent it know and they were able to contact the bank who was able to verify that the card had never been used and then proceeded to cancel it. So a big fat HA to the thief.

But seriously, the USPS has been struggling for years to compete with e-mail and other delivery companies and to stay afloat. They're considering not delivering mail on Saturdays and raise the price of a stamp annually. Personally, I can probably count on one hand how many times a year I use the USPS to send a letter or package.

This is most definitely not the first time I've had issues with the USPS and have even had to file official complaints when I didn't receive packages because the postal worker was too idiotic to read the mailing label. And that was seriously why we never got them, because they were delivering them to the incorrect address even though the correct address was written on the mailing label and then that person was keeping our stuff.

Maybe, just maybe, if the USPS would raise the level of customer service and actually do something when a customer has an issue and catapult themselves into the 21st century and actually compete with technology and their competition, they might not be having such a hard time staying a viable option when it comes to people's mailing needs.

USPS, you don't care.

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