Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What a Nice Day

Too bad I had to spend it indoors packing. It actually got up to 63 here today. That's a veritable heat wave for Vermont. The girls are outside playing and enjoying the first truly nice day we've had so far this year. I, however, have spent the entire day running errands and packing. I will never again complain about TMO movers. They can break all my stuff just so long as I don't have to pack it. I've also been busy making calls. I've had to call U-Haul, the cable company, the trash company, the electric company. I still need to call someone about water and sewage but darned if I can find out who does that for here.

Stupid people. As I sit here typing, some idiot is sitting in the middle of the intersection waiting to drive through it. Umm. Doesn't it make more sense to wait behind the stop sign and let traffic through?? Idiots.

Anyway, I also still need to call the oil company to have our service switched. There is SOOO much to do when you're moving. There's things about this house I'm going to miss. Like, all the room, the deck, the huge yard, the creek that I can hear running out behind our house, our nice neighbor, the views, and our family room. I'm not going to miss the leaky sky lights, my rotten land lord, the mysterious smells that stink up the house from time to time, the flies, earwigs and hornets, the huge oil bill, the lousy fridge and stove, and the slanty floors. I suppose there's always going to be things that you love and hate about any house you live in. I just can't wait to get started on the decorating in the new house.

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