Wednesday, May 03, 2006

10 Years

Today is our ten year wedding anniversary. And you said we'd never make it. Ha! Showed you.

Talk about ups and downs though. We sure have had them, that's for sure. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? It just sucks that we had to have this milestone on recruiting duty. C isn't even going to be here. He has to take a kid down to MEPS for the night. Figures. So maybe we'll get to celebrate in some way over the weekend. We haven't really made any plans. On to other things...

My semester is about over. I have to finish up my Psych final and my Art final and then I'll be all done. I've already registered for my summer classes: Intro to Ethics, Women in U.S. History, and Meteorology. Why Meteorology you ask? Well, I'm trying to be prepared in case we get to go back to San Diego and I can get accepted into SDSU, my school of choice. I needed a physical science class to satisfy SDSU's gen ed requirements and that's the only one my school offers over the summer that didn't sound too horrible. I feel like such a nerd for taking it, but we'll see how it works out. I only have the summer and Fall semesters left before I'll have my A.A.

The girls only have a month and a half of school to go. This year has really flown by. It's still sort of up in the air about their plans for going to Ohio this summer. I don't know when they're leaving, who is picking them up, or how long they're staying, lol. Guess I should be figuring all that out.

Everything else around here is pretty much normal. It's still chilly and rainy here in Vermont. Spring, otherwise known as the Mud Season, sucks and we're just holding out for summer. I think that just about catches everyone up on us. Till next time.


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