Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Excitement vs. Boredom. Which is Worse?

Things I like about living in San Diego again:

  1. Convenient shopping. There is no shortage of places to shop.
  2. Mexican food.
  3. I like that it's not weird being here. It feels like we never left.
  4. The Pacific time zone. It's dumb, but I like knowing that when everyone else that I know is getting ready for bed, I still have three hours to go, lol.
  5. I like my new living room furniture and my living room.
  6. I like the view from my backyard.
Things I don't like about living in San Diego again:

  1. The neighborhood. My neighbor called animal control on us after only living here for a week. It was completely unfounded and the animal control lady was puzzled why she had been called at all. My answer to her was that the bored Navy wife, neighborhood busybody called her.
  2. I hate that base housing never changes. Why can't military spouses evolve like other homo sapiens?
  3. That we have bugs and our dishwasher is already messed up and the smoke detectors like to go off at random times for no apparent reason.
  4. I have a terrible kitchen. Despite having rearranged it several times, there just isn't enough counter space or cabinets. It's hard to cook harmoniously in it. Oh. And the light in the eating area was burned out when we moved in and we still haven't replaced the bulb. We eat dinner in the semi-dark.
  5. The garage isn't big enough. We have to park both of our cars outside. I watched kids bounce balls off of my car twice yesterday. I'm going to be driving a banged up piece of crap if we have to live here for any length of time. I WILL NOT buy a new car until we live somewhere else.
  6. The office is still full of unpacked boxes one of which contains my desktop computer. I miss it.
  7. The neighborhood. It just sucks.
I don't mind the earthquakes. They liven things up. We already had some sort of brush fire in the neighborhood. I'm willing to bet kids started it. There was also a house fire about 3 houses away. A kid started that one too. It's been pretty exciting living in base housing with all the fires, earthquakes, and nosy neighbors. I don't need to worry about being bored, that's for sure.

Now that I'm done here, I get to add to the excitement that is my life by calling base housing to see if they can send someone out to look at the dishwasher. Can you stand it?

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