Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Good Things

Grumpy and the lesser known dwarf, Bitchy have been my favorite dwarves of late. So, it's nice to have a few things to look forward to that are good.

We're doing something this weekend. I don't know what yet, but it'll be either the beach, Seaport Village, or maybe Old Town. We'll have to wait and see what we're in the mood to do and what the weather is like.

Next Saturday, the 17th, we're going to a Padres game. The Mister bought the tickets weeks ago, lol. He got them online at that website, From what I understand, the tickets are sold by season ticket holders that don't plan on attending the game or event. Which means, they are excellent seats. We're very excited to take the kids to a major league game. We went to a few minor league baseball games in NC and the girls thought that was cool. Just wait until they see a major league game!

The following weekend after the baseball game, we are going to the LA Time Festival of Books!! I'm so excited about this that I could pee myself. I've been reading about Literary Feline's experiences at the festival for the past couple years and I can't believe that I actually get to go this year. It's a two day event and we're not sure if we're going Saturday, Sunday, or both days but we'll be going at least one day. Woot!

That's the next three weekends! Woot! I can't wait. They are all very excellent things to look forward to doing.


  1. Oh, that book thing sounds wonderful! So looking forward to hearing about it. Take pics!!!!!

    have fun at the baseball game. I'm not much into baseball (hubby is) but my aunt had some fantastic seats at the Braves a couple years ago and we went. So fun!!

  2. Well, I am so jealous. The next three weekends I will be working. Probably 16 hour days too. I just don't get enough prison time. :)

  3. Pam~~I'll definitely take pictures and blog about the festival.

    I'm not a huge baseball fan either, but going to actual games is always fun and this will be our first game at Petco Park.

    Jennifer~~That sucks! I was going to suggest that you meet us there. Well, maybe next year.


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