Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Update

I usually do Five Question Friday on Friday. Lately, I haven't liked the questions so I haven't participated. This also means that my blog hasn't been getting updated because I have less than nothing to say. I've been using 5QF as a handy writing prompt. I was holding out hope that this week's questions would be appealing to me but they're not. No offense.

Summer has gotten off to a slow start. We haven't done anything. The girls keep having sleep over after sleep over to the point where I told them no more until next week at the earliest. The other night, they each had a friend over so I had four girls, three of them teens, in my house. I didn't get ANY sleep that night. I needed a break. When they're not having sleep overs, they're hanging at the pool. I have to say, I'm very thrilled that we have a neighborhood pool within walking distance. There are actually two that they go to even though they have to kinda, sorta, cheat to get into the other one.  Oh wells.

I'm mostly ready for the Oldest Child's 16th birthday. I already have her big present and I just need to round it out with a few smaller things. She wants me to bake her a cake (isn't that sweet of her?) so that's easy peasy. She's not planning a big party. We had to browbeat her into the casual get together that she decided to have. She insisted that she didn't even care to celebrate it at all. She sounds just like me, lol. My 35th birthday is in eight days. I really don't want to talk about it.

I do have something sort of funny to share. Our neighbor across the street moved this week. Well, his family moved to Texas and he moved in with a friend until he retires at the end of this year. Anyway, they really didn't get along with their house neighbor (we live in duplexes). To express their dislike of this neighbor, they tp'd their car using Vaseline to hold the toilet paper in place. LMAO! I love it. I'm really ambivalent towards this person seeing as how I don't share walls with them and they've never bothered me. I really wish that I didn't like them so that I could have gotten in on the action though. I haven't done that since the first time we lived here. Although...we do have a certain person on our street that we really wish the ground would swallow her up. Or maybe an earthquake could knock her house into the canyon. Or maybe a giant pterodactyl could come and pick her up and drop her into a volcano. Hmm. Maybe, if we manage to move before they do, I could get a little of my own back on the way out. That would be fun. But only if her husband was deployed because we actually like him. He's on his current deployment voluntarily because he wanted to get away from his own wife. See?? I'm not the only one that doesn't like her.

And on that lovely and positive note, I'm off.

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