Friday, September 04, 2015


I've been resistant to doing this for quite some time, but I think this blog has served its purpose. I've been blogging here for 11 years (SHEESH!) and it's been everything from a place to vent, a personal journal, a place to talk about books, etc. etc. However, I just don't have the want to continue to keep it updated anymore. That's not to say that I will never be back, but I make no promises.

Currently, I book blog over at The Bees Knees Bookish Korner and you're more than welcome to follow me over there. It's hard enough keeping up with one blog, let alone two. I've started to engage with authors and publishers, so I want to make The Bees Knees my blogging priority.

I'm can also be found/stalked on:


And probably other places that I'm just not thinking of right now. I hope to see you around! :)

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