Thursday, March 16, 2006


Do sincere apologies exist anymore? From my experience, most apologies are given to get the person saying them out of trouble or to make the original problem "go away". Or maybe they say, "I'm sorry" because they said or did something that made them feel like an idiot and that's the fastest way to dig their way out of a hole. Do people say that they're sorry because they actually mean it? Because they feel shame or actual contriteness? Because they feel bad for hurting someone's feelings? Because they feel honest regret? I'm a realist and realistically, I'd guess that 98% of apologies given are for the first reasons I listed and not because they feel a "keen regret". And, along with being a realist, I'm also a fairly honest person and will say that I don't remember the last time I apologized for something wrong that I did or said and meant it. People just don't do that anymore. I think most apologies are selfish. People say them to make themselves feel better, not the person that they wronged. Maybe we should start trying an honest approach and instead of saying, "I'm sorry" say, "Well, I surely said something stupid now didn't I?" and leave it at that. Frankly, I'm tired of empty apologies; saying them and hearing them. People should try saying what they mean and not what they think other people expect them to say.

I know that I can say that this post isn't the result of anything that's happened and that it's not directed at anyone specific, but who would believe me? Along with insincere apologies, everyone has an ulterior motive, lol. This was actually just a thought that I had while I was typing up a paper.

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