Tuesday, March 21, 2006


We got a little taste of it this Sunday. We decided to get up early and go to New Hampshire, Manchester to be exact. It was really nice to get away if only for a little while. Manchester is the largest city in northern New England so it was like being somewhere "normal" for a change. We drove around and did some shopping. We also had our first wood fired pizza and if you haven't had one, you're really missing out. It was the best pizza ever. We also went to this gourmet cooking store and bought these soup mixes that are wonderful. Yum, yum.

Other than that, things are pretty much normal around here. It's still really cold, but it's cold almost everywhere right now. We don't have any snow though and that's nice. Ohio has more snow than we do, heheh.

The girls are the same. They annoy the snot out of me, but that's normal. C doing fine also. His job never changes. My school is coming right along. I had midterms and aced the hell out of them. The class averages were pitiful but I got high 90's on all three. Woohoo for me! So, there ya go for now.

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