Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music Sooths the Savage Beast

Last night, I made a run with the hubs to get gas. He came home from his training last night but had to be up at 4:30 this morning to make it back in time which means he can’t get gas on his way. AnyWHO, I was sitting in his car while he pumped the gas and decided to look in his console to stuff some wires back inside of it. (He had his iPod cord and phone charger hanging out of it.) While in there, I noticed some CD cases and decided to see what they were. They were:  Blink 182’s Greatest Hits, a CDR copy of  Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams, Angels & Airwaves’ We Don’t Need to Whisper and Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace. There were also five CD’s in the CD player so I took them out to see what they were: The Jack Johnson CD, a recoded CDR that didn’t have writing on it, Gorillaz’s Demon Days, and LL Cool J’s Todd Smith. What the freaking heck is my point? None of the cases matched up with the CDs that were in the car except for Angels and Airwaves.

It’s been so long since I’ve bought or listened to an actual CD that I couldn’t even begin to guess where the missing CDs and cases are located. Probably in a box in my garage would be my best guess. Since having an iPod, I honestly don’t see the point of buying CDs anymore. I rarely download an entire CD on iTunes but when I do, it’s cheaper than buying an actual CD. I much prefer to listen to previews of tracks and download and pay for the ones that I want instead of buying an entire CD where I might like 2 or 3 tracks on it at best. People that know me best know to buy me iTunes gift cards for my birthday rather than CDs too. Heheh. Did I mention that I got four for my birthday last month?

Now, I’m going to take my long lost CDs and copy the songs that I like on them onto my computer so that I can have them on my iPod. Welcome to the highlight of my day. ;)


  1. My husband and I have decided to downsize our huge CD collection. We went through them a couple of weekends ago and weeded out ones we didn't want to keep and the ones we want to sample again to see if they're worthy of keeping around. I'm also working on downloading most of them (or what I want of them) onto iTunes. Considering how many CDs we have, it's proving to be quite the project.

    I still buy CD's now and then.

  2. That sounds like my car! Myhusband is the biggest violator of not putting the correct CD in the right case. But, like you, we haven't had to deal with that much because we use our iPods so much more now. I haven't bought a CD in a long time either.

  3. LF~~Even though we don't listen to them anymore, the pack rat in me would have a hard time throwing any of our CDs out, lol.

    Pam~~Since those CDs are in there from the time when I was driving that car, I suppose I have to take the blame for all the mismatches, heheh. Oops.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I don't buy CD's anymore either. I'm all about my iPod, lol. I do the same thing you do and only download what I want. I love the fact you can preview the songs.

  5. Dana~~Previewing is the best.


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