Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Curiosity Killed the Cat

My latest project sparked my curiosity so I created a survey on Survey Monkey to gather some opinions.

When you are dealing with professionals and/or businesses, does their E-mail address affect your opinion of them? What I mean is if a business person’s email is professional@gmail.com versus professional@professionalwebsite.com , does one sound more professional than the other?

I asked this question on Twitter and one response that I got was that Gmail is more acceptable than Hotmail or Yahoo. Seeing as how that’s what I use for my business contacts, I liked that answer, lol.

Anyway, if you could take the time to assuage my curiosity, I’d appreciate it.

Click Here to take survey


  1. I took the survey, Trisha. You know, I'm not sure I even notice the second half of the e-mail most of the time.

  2. Thanks Wendy. I use Gmail for both personal and professional and don't have plans on changing. Even so, I really wanted to know if an email address could influence opinions. Thanks for taking my quiz!!


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