Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Grind

Pardon me while I whine and vent.

I need a vacation. Not the pseudo-vacation that we took to Ohio where the only person that might define that as an actual vacation would be Hitler or maybe Stalin. I worked almost every day that we were there and I was stressed out beyond belief. That was not a vacation. I’m talking the variety of vacations where there are no kids, no relatives, NO EMAIL, and limited access to a phone. What there is, is lots of books to read at my leisure. sleeping in until I feel like getting up, staying up as late as I want because I know that I won’t have to get up the next morning, and nobody for company except for the Mister. I need that. Seriously. I think I’m getting an ulcer and I know that I get migraines way too often. I’m about sick to death of hearing my incoming e-mail sound on my BlackBerry. That thing never freaking stops. I hear it in my nightmares. I can be reached way too easily and too many people know that.

Do you know the last time that I had a real vacation? A vacation where work and/or school wasn’t hanging over my head? That would be March of last year when I visited Jennifer in California for my spring break and even then I was thinking about having to hit the books when I got back. I suppose that’s not so bad when I look at it. It’s only a year and a half ago. Whatever.

A vacation. Seriously, And soon. I need one or you might be hearing about some crazed lady from North Carolina in the news.


  1. Hopefully you can get away for a long weekend trip or something soon. Are you back in school again? I was thinking that you didn't have too much longer left. I remember that last year seemed like FOREVER and when I finished I literally did nothing for about 3 months. lol!

  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Sorry we're not there anymore or we could at least keep the girls for a weekend. Mark and I are getting a weekend away for Columbus Day. My mom is coming down to babysit and we're going to New Orleans from Fri-Mon. I can't wait. The only "vacation" we've ever had was the few days we went house-hunting and then didn't really count as vacation.

    I hope you are able to work something out. From now on when I see those Corona commercials where they "skip" their blackberry out into the ocean I will think about you ;-)

  3. Pam~~Yep. Back to school. Again. I took a few semesters off even though I said that I wouldn't. At this point and knowing my habits of taking time off, I have no idea if or when I'll finish my degree.

    Dana~~New Orleans sounds awesome. I'm sure you and Mark will have a fab time.

    I lol'd when I read what you said about the Corona commercials. :)


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