Saturday, September 05, 2009

Random Saturday Ravings

I'm taking a mini non-vaca this weekend. What in the world is that? It is where the Mister and I have turned off all of our phones and they aren't scheduled to be turned back on until Tuesday morning. Yay!! I couldn't be more excited. If you need to reach me, try calling the oldest child. I'm pretty much ignoring email and Twitter this weekend too. If you don't have the oldest child's phone number, sorry bout your luck.

I stole this meme from Literary Feline's blog. Read on!

Share your ABC’s

Available or single? Married
Best Friend? The Mister of course
Cake or Pie? Pie. Apple if you want specifics.
Drink of choice? Pepsi
Essential item for every day use? Toilet paper.
Favorite color? I'm into the green family right now.
Google? Way superior to Bing.
Hometown? All over Ohio.
Indulgences? Video gaming. At my age, it's just embarrassing to admit out loud
January or February? Neither and YUCK!!
Kids and their names? Four daughters (humans and dogs) named Morgan, Sidney, Bailey, and Hannah.
Life is incomplete without…? Pets
Marriage date? May 1996
Number of siblings? Two: An older brother and a younger sister. Yes, that makes me a middle child.
Oranges or apples? Apples
Phobias and fears? Rushing water.
Quote for the day? "Friends may come and go but enemies accumulate." Oscar Wilde
Reason to smile? The thought of no phone for three days makes me smile.
Season? Summer
Time Travel Destination? England in the 1500's. A scary time and place but I would love to have seen the Tudor court first hand.
Unknown fact about me? My middle name is...
Vegetable you hate? Asparagus
Worst habit? Procrastination
X-rays you’ve had? Wrist and chest.
Your fave food? Mexican
Zodiac sign? Cancer

I'm going to finish this post off in the same manner that Literary Feline did hers.

Random Thoughts for the Day:

  • I was completely, thouroughly, and totally irritated at my job for the first time since I started working 16 months ago, yesterday.
  • Both of my kids are grounded to their rooms this weekend. First time ever for that too.
  • I can't wait for the new television season to start.
  • Last night I had a dream that the remnants of Erika reformed into a Cat 5 hurricane and skimmed up the entire eastern seaboard.
  • Ohio State football season starts today.
  • I think my marketing class is going to be fun this semester.
  • I want a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut.
  • I think that's going to be dinner.


  1. What a great idea! Enjoy your phone-less weekend!

    Another person whose husband is her best friend. I'm always glad to see that. :-) Apple pie is my favorite too! And toilet paper--yes, definitely an essential item.

    Are you trying Champions Online at all? That's my husband's new craze. He said he'd let me make a character if I want.

    Visiting England in the 1500's would be interesting. Just as long as we can come back to our time whenever we want.

    Oh uh. I hope the work irritation wasn't anything serious. I am looking forward to the new television season too. Anything in particular you're excited to see?

    I wouldn't mind pizza for dinner tonight . . . I just looked at the clock. It's nearly 8:30 and we haven't even thought about dinner. Oops.

    Have a good weekend, Trisha!

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Hope you enjoyed your phone-less weekend! We went camping and it was great to get away.

    Mark is my best friend. He's also my anchor, lol. Life is good.

  3. LF~~ I had never heard of Champions Online before you asked. Honestly, I don't need another game to be addicted to, lol.

    The work thing isn't anything serious. It's just more of being frustrated. The problem should be solved in the next week or two, ha!

    I'm not planning on watching anything new this year. Every time I do, the show gets canceled. I'm looking forward to the return of lots of shows though: Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and some shows on HBO and Showtime.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    Dana~~Turning off the phone was bliss. I wish I could do it more often.

    Camping sounds like so much fun. We haven't been since Morgan was a baby. And it sounds like you guys are doing really good. It's nice to hear. ;)


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