Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It’s Nerdtastic

Have you ever been to an Apple Store? Not online but an actual real life, in person store? If you haven’t, you should. It’s an experience.

We have one that’s really rather close to us at the Fashion Valley mall here in San Diego. We stroll in whenever we’re having a meal at the Cheesecake Factory or if we’re at the mall browsing.

So, the last time we were in, we were actually at the mall because I needed some software for my laptop and the Mister wanted to get a Magic Mouse for his laptop. We pick out our purchases and stand in line behind a computer terminal manned by an Apple employee. While we’re waiting patiently, another employee walks up and asks us if we need help. We told him that we were just waiting to check out. He replies, “Oh. I can help you with that.” Then, he takes out what looks like a modified iPhone, uses it to scan the software and the mouse and tells us our total. I think, at this point, both of our mouths were hanging open we were so impressed with this technology. The Mister, still somewhat stupefied, pulls out his wallet and hands over his credit card. The man from the future, err, the Apple employee, takes the card and swipes it down the side of his iPhone/portable checkout terminal then asks, “Do you want a printed receipt or do you want me to e-mail one to you?” He had been able to get the Mister’s e-mail address because the credit card he used to pay is the one that’s associated with his online Apple account. Sheesh! Being the environmentally conscience people that we are (we really just wanted to continue this futuristic experience) the Mister had him e-mail the receipt. As we walked out of the store, purchses in hand, the Mister’s phone beeped alerting him to an incoming e-mail. It was his Apple receipt.

It was awesome.

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