Thursday, June 23, 2011

After 15 Years, He Can Still Surprise Me

I chose this picture because it cracks me up every time I see it and is the opposite of this post.

The Mister and I were talking the other day. I don't really remember how it came up, but we were talking about people being uptight and he asked me if I thought I was uptight. I replied yes because I really think that I am. I tend to be obsessive and I think obsessiveness lends itself to being uptight or is a part of being uptight. The Mister was surprised and told me that he doesn't think that I am. That surprised me because I think I am very obviously uptight. I'll tell you why.

I have unbending beliefs and attitudes towards certain ideals, other people's attitudes and beliefs, and life in general. For instance, I am a believer of science and the things in our world that have been proven with physical evidence. If I can see a thing, I believe it exists and that it is true. I'll explain this further...I believe that ghosts (or whatever you want to call them) exist because I have had unexplainable things happen right in front of my eyes. On the flipside, I don't believe other people's ghost stories because I didn't see it for myself. I'm not saying that they're lying, just that I have to see it to believe it. I believe in the existence of prehistoric life because I have touched a mammoth tusk with my own two hands. What makes me uptight in relation to this topic? I don't understand how people can believe in something that they've never seen for themselves. I don't understand faith and I think those that have faith in the unproven are naive and looking for comfort and for explanations for the unexplainable. And you will never change my mind until I can see and touch evidence to prove my beliefs wrong.

Vices. I am completely uptight when it comes to drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. This makes me somewhat of a judgmental hypocrite since I occasionally enjoy a glass of wine or something stronger, but excessive drinking upsets me and I hate being around it. But who am I to say what is excessive for someone else, right? Still, I don't understand addiction and why someone opens themselves up to being controlled by a substance. Taking Excedrin for my migraines bugs me but I take them to function. No matter how bad my insomnia gets, I avoid taking OTC sleep aids. They scare me. I've always hated prescription drugs so there is no way I would take illegal drugs. And smoking. If you don't know where I stand when it comes to smoking, then you know me not at all.

Lies. I don't like being lied to. Who does? But I'm unforgiving about it. Don't effing lie to me. Not to spare my feelings. Not because a lie is easier. Not because the truth will land you in crap. I don't forget lies. If you think that I have, you'd be really, really wrong.

Parenting. I'm an uptight parent. I like to know where my kids are at all times. I like to know who their friends are. I always talk to the parents of my girls' friends before they are allowed to sleep over at someone's house I've never met previously. Even the oldest child. I don't let my kids bully other kids. In fact, I make my kids look out for other kids that are littler than they are. One of the conditions the Mister and I have for paying for the oldest child to have a cell phone is that her cell phone is open to on the spot inspections without warning. If she doesn't like it, well, I don't enjoy paying $300+ a month for our cell phone plan so that she can have a data plan. The same can be said for her Facebook and e-mail accounts. If she wants it to be completely private, get a job and pay for it by herself. My kids have chores. They have rules. They have a mom that is interested in their grades. I don't think I'm so uptight that I haven't cut the umbilical cord, but I do think they are somewhat tethered by apron strings. Oh wells.

I'm set in my ways and I am not open to other people's opinions. I think that makes me uptight. I am nothing if not honest and I can admit that about myself but I don't think being uptight makes me a bad person. Maybe an un-fun person but I can live with that.

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