Monday, October 31, 2011

Bah Humbug

Wrong holiday, right sentiment. Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I blame my kids. But whatever.

One thing I do like about this time of year is watching scary movies. I likes all kinds from the slasher types to the psychological/suspenseful types. The Mister and I watched Paranormal Activity 1 on Netflix (Yep, I'm still a subscriber having faith that the powers that be at Netflix will eventually pull their heads out of their butts) and it was ok. It was kind of predictable but it still made me jump at times. The funny thing about it was that when we went to watch it, we had the option to "resume" meaning that someone else had already started it. Turns out the oldest child tried watching it by herself and got too creeped out to finish it, lmao.

Last night, we watched the ending of The Exorcist with the oldest child. I've seen the whole movie before and IMO, all you need to watch is the last 30 minutes of it. I've always thought this movie was silly more than scary. Maybe you have to be Catholic to completely appreciate it. I dunno.

The Mister and I also watched a paranormal investigation show on the Lizzy Borden house. They didn't find anything conclusive, lol. Oh wells.

To prove that I'm not a totally buzz kill when it comes to this holiday below are some pictures from yesterday and last week.


  1. Scary movies and haunted stuff is my favorite thing about this holiday. My parents took me to see Exorcist when I was really little (like 4-5 years old). Yes, for real. I don't think I've ever seen it again since then. Although, I don't remember a whole lot about it. I think I had my eyes shut the entire time.

  2. Yeah. I read your post about that on your blog. You should try watching it again as an adult to see if it affects you differently. I'd be curious to know.


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