Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 1: Halloween Aftermath

The reason I don't like Halloween is because usually it involves yelling, screaming, and crying. I don't  know why getting ready to trick or treat is torture but it is. This year, however, went off without a hitch. We had one small ouchy moment but I barely had to raise my voice.

The youngest went as Bat Girl and she went trick or treating with her friend and her friend's mom. The oldest, who is too old to go trick or treating IMO, went as a fairy and she went trick or treating with several of her friends around the neighborhood. They had originally planned on going to a haunted house but decided that they wanted candy instead.

The Mister and I stayed home with Bailey who dressed up as a frog and gave out candy. Everyone who saw Bailey thought it was funny that she was a dog dressed up as a frog because it rhymed. One kid called her a "frdog", lol. That wasn't why we picked out that costume but it turned out to be a crowd pleaser. She even got her toenails painted green to match. We ran out of candy after an hour and 45 minutes. We had a crazy amount of kids in our neighborhood. Dozens of cars were parked here from people that came to trick or treat from other neighborhoods too. The most popular costume by far was Mario and Luigi. I only saw one Angry Bird and was pretty surprised by that. Only one Pooh too.

Overall, it was a pretty decent night.


  1. Don't worry, Catherine cried about make up and hair enough for every one.


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