Monday, November 05, 2012

My Home Town


This is something that my family (The Mister and the kids) and I talk about a lot. Both of my kids were born in the same hospital as I was in Marion, Ohio. The Oldest only lived in Ohio for 26 months of her life and not all in one stretch. The Youngest child only lived in Ohio for four months of her life. I boogied outta there the very moment her pediatrician said it was okay for her to fly. Since leaving Ohio for the last time, they have lived in six different cities/towns. What should they consider their hometown to be? Do they even have one?

I never know how to answer this question for myself either. I lived in Marion until I was 12 then I moved in with my dad in Pleasant Hill where I finished junior high and graduated high school. It was somewhere between five and six years total. While I lived in Marion for a longer amount of time, I graduated high school while living in Pleasant Hill. I suppose I could consider both places to be my hometown because they both have equal importance in my formative years.

Even though I haven't lived in Ohio since 1999 and I have no intention of moving back, I still consider Ohio "home" for technical reasons. Well, for tax reasons. Once the Mister retires from the Marine Corps in five years, we will no longer be able to claim Ohio as our home of record. What then? We're like freaking nomads. Modern day gypsies for cripes sake.


  1. Sherry Jones9:40 PM

    I was born in Detroit. Don't know what age I was when we moved to Marion. Then at age 9, I moved back to Detroit till I was 16 and got married and moved around because of your Dad. In 1974 moved back to Marion and have lived here ever since. Detroit may not be my home but it is where I am from. I get what you are saying. And I'm sorry. But my grandkids will always be from Ohio. Sorry if this upsets you. I always thought your hometown was where you were born. Guess I was wrong. Marion is not my homwtown, Detroit is.

  2. I'm not upset. Differing opinions makes life interesting.


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