Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day of People

Despite the crazy drivers I encountered today, my faith in humanity is pretty high.

First of all, it rained. All day.Lots of rain. But you know what? This is North Carolina. People here shouldn’t be strangers to rain and they should know how to drive in it. The oldest child’s school is 2.5 miles from our house. Round trip, it took me 25 minutes to drive to and from her school and in those five miles, I saw police, fire trucks, and ambulances responding to two traffic accidents. 25 MINUTES to drive FIVE miles. Friday, there is a slight chance of snow. We’re in some sort of cold snap. Anyway, if it snows, the oldest is just going to have to miss school because I’m not getting on the same roads in snowy conditions with people that can’t drive in the rain. Nope. Not happening.

Now, why is my faith in humanity on an upswing??? I received a Christmas card from my grandparents today. It’s a might late, right? Well, there was a note in with it explaining that they had sent it to our old address on accident. The new residents’ son accidentally opened the envelope thinking it was theirs. The father took the card and the check, put it in a new envelope, and sent it back to my grandparents in Texas with a note of apology. Can you believe that?? He totally could have just thrown the whole thing in the trash but was so very kind enough to go out of his way to mail it back to my grandparents. I was truly touched. I’m going to send them a thank you card for being kind, upstanding citizens. They made my day a little brighter despite the rain and gloominess.


  1. That really was an upstanding thing to do. Kudos to the new resident for doing the right thing!

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    That's awesome. It's nice to know there are still good people out there. Sometimes all it takes is a random act of kindness to brighten your day.

  3. LF~~I know! They really made me feel good that they went that extra mile for a stranger.

    Dana~~It definitely was a ray of light in my day.


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