Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Friends

Saturday we visited with some friends that we hadn’t seen in about three  years. It was a really great visit. Both the Mister and I commented on how we picked up right where we had left off and that the three years didn’t make us feel awkward in the least.

We were originally going to have them down to our house because they don’t have a house of their own yet. But instead of staying in a hotel until they could move into their new house, they decided to rent one of the beach rentals on Camp Lejeune at Onslow Beach. We, of course, couldn’t turn down a chance to hang out at the beach for the day. They wanted us to come for the whole weekend but you’re not allowed dogs there and we had nobody to watch Hannah and Bailey on such short notice. Do you know how much easier it is to travel with kids than it is with dogs? With kids, they’re allowed most anywhere that you are. You don’t have to pay a non-refundable deposit for kids at hotels. People are more willing to watch kids than they are dogs because kids don’t eat your garbage, chew your furniture, pee on the floor, or dig up your yard. Anyway…

So we spent the day at the beach rental. We mostly just sat around and reminisced and caught up with what we had missed out on the last three years. We had dinner together and the girls collected lots of neat shells on the beach. Then we had to leave because we had to get home to let the dogs out.

About a block of two from our house, the Mister asked the kids if they had locked the door on their way out. I have no idea what prompted him to worry about the doors being locked at that point because it was way too late to do anything about it had someone decided to break in while we were gone. Then, he gets this look on his face because he had just realized that we took his car instead of mine which meant that we didn’t have house keys with us. See? We have four sets of keys; two each for the Rav and the Scion. My Scion key also has my house keys on the same key chain because that’s the car that I drive. Likewise, the Mister’s Rav key is on the same keychain with his set of house keys. Turns out that he’s been using my Rav keys for some time because he lost his. We had to take the Rav to Camp Lejeune because we had to take our friends’ huge boxes that they had sent to our house when they moved. We held out hope that that interior garage door was unlocked because we don’t always keep that door locked. Nope. No such luck. Then we checked all the windows which was no easy feat because we have solar screens on all the windows and we had to climb the privacy fence to get in the backyard, heheh. But alas, I’m a stickler for not getting murdered in my sleep and all our windows were locked up tight. What other choice did we have at 8:30 at night but to call a locksmith. I was afraid that it was going to cost a lot to have the locksmith out but it didn’t at all. I was pleasantly surprised. It also only took him like two minutes to get the door open with his lock picking tool. Through it all, I totally kept my cool. I sat in the car and surfed the Internet on my iPod, lol. Oh. And you know what else?? The locksmith didn’t ask for identification AT ALL and we paid in cash. I know we didn’t exactly look suspicious with two kids and all, but that would be a really good cover for breaking into people’s houses. He should have at least asked for a driver’s license, imo.

That was our Saturday.

Sunday, I didn’t do a darn thing all day. I didn’t even get dressed but stayed in my pj’s all day. Last week was rough and I just wanted one mindless day. The biggest thing I did all day was cook dinner, lol. It was wonderful.

How was your weekend?


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Glad to hear you had a great weekend. I would have been a little nervous about the locksmith not asking for identification either.

    We didn't do much this weekend besides go over to the new house and try to plan how we're going to set it up. Oh, and the hubby took the boys to see Monster Jam yesterday. Real exciting stuff :o)

  2. I totally can't wait to see inside pics of your new house. It looks fantastic from the outside you lucky ducks.

    Is Monster Jam a truck rally thing? Lol. It sounds like fun boy stuff.

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Yeah it's the whole "monster truck" thing. The boys had a blast. Later this month they are going to see the freestyle motocross which I know they will love also.

    I posted a couple pics of the inside just now so feel free to check them out.


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