Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things from Yesterday

My Monday was pretty much non-stop. That’s a good thing because it kept me from being able to think about how tired I was, lol.

I got a call from my sister yesterday. Poor thing has swimmers ear on top of a really bad ear infection. The infection is so bad that she has completely lost the hearing in her right ear and she has, so far, not responded to antibiotics. Being a nurse, having an ear infection has made it impossible for her to work so she’s been laid up at home with a toddler for the past few days. I feel so bad for her because I used to suffer from ear infections as a child so bad that I had to have tubes in my ears and I still remember the agony of them. I’m hoping that her visit to an ear, nose, and throat specialist today will give her some relief.

I also got a call from some friends of ours that we knew in Vermont. They were transferred to California after VT and we were transferred here so it’s been a few years since we’ve seen them. The awesome thing? They just arrived yesterday to Jacksonville!! I am so excited to have friends nearby again. We’re meeting up with them this weekend to give them some boxes they had shipped to our house and to just hang out. I can’t wait!

Yesterday was also my first day back to work. It was a slow start back, lol. I need to get back into my old routine and find my groove again. Two weeks off is a good thing/bad thing but I don’t regret it. I needed time to refuel.

I also redesigned my Entrecard yesterday. Take a look:


I wish I had my old one so that you could compare, but I’m not sure where I saved it at on my various hard drives, heheh.

Ohio State lost the Tostitos Bowl last night. :( The Mister was not a happy camper about that. But, they still beat Michigan, heheh.

Now I’m off to get ready to pick the oldest up from school. I didn’t miss doing that over the break.

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