Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Could Swear it’s Monday

I would give my left pinkie toe for a day of total nothing! I just want one day where I don’t have to see anyone, talk to anyone, or leave the house. Just one day. Today was not that day.

No sooner do I get the youngest child well and back to school than I had the oldest home and puking all day. Thankfully, she recovered faster than the youngest and is already feeling better.

That was today.

The weekend went by in a blur. Saturday, we were supposed to go to a Kinston Indians game. The Mister bought tickets on base and we were all excited to go. I don’t know about you, but I think minor league baseball games are way more fun than major league games. Anywho, during the coarse of the day, we discovered that the youngest child downloaded a game to her phone. This was expressly forbidden when she first got her phone. As a result, she got herself grounded and the Mister and the oldest child went to the game while I stayed home with a very angry ten year old. Fun times for me.

Sunday, we took her to a birthday party. I know. But I already told her friend’s mom that she’d be there and I didn’t want to disappoint the little girl. It was at the roller rink and we ended up dropping off both kids for the afternoon. The youngest is still grounded from her phone.

We also had to go to the commissary on Sunday. Remember how I mentioned that my tags were expired on my car and the DMV hadn’t sent me new ones? Well, we got pulled over on base for driving with expired tags. They didn’t cite us because luckily, I printed the receipt from where I had paid for new stickers so that I had proof. Monday, I called the DMV and they offered to mail them out again. Hello!! I already tried that. I paid for them on April 3rd and they still haven’t come in the mail. I told the lady I would just go pick them up at the nearest office which is only a block from my house, heheh. I’m driving legal once again.

Oh!! And I totally forgot to mention that I planted TEN tomato plants on Saturday. Yay!! I’m very excited to have garden fresh tomatoes. It’s been years since I’ve had them. I just hope they don’t die. I have a tendency to kill plants. I just don’t have a green thumb. I also planted four broccoli plants and the youngest brought a cabbage plant home from school that we are growing as well. I’m keeping all my appendages crossed in  hopes that they all grow successfully. Oh. And that the dogs don’t decide to chew them up. The only place in my yard that gets enough sunlight is the  backyard. :/



  1. OMG! Catherine is totally grounded for the same thing. She downloaded PacMan and about 6 ringtones and I didn't find out until the bill came.

  2. Dontcha hate how you can't punish them without punishing yourself, too? LOL I totally agree - minor league is SO fun! The most fun game I've been to in forever was a Tulsa Drillers game - played in an old, horrible, ratty stadium and all. But it was a GREAT game, very exciting.

    I hope the tomatoes will go well - still trying to figure out seeds here and not feeling very hopeful about it. We'll see...

  3. Jennifer~~At least Catherine downloaded a classic. Sid downloaded Bejeweled of all things.

    Wendy~~Yep. Kid punishments are almost always punishments for the parents too. It sucks, lol.

    I've been to a Dayton Dragons game and a Mobile Baybears game. Both were very, very fun. We plan on trying to make it to another Kinston Indians game this season. We still have the two tickets that we didn't use on Saturday that are good for any home game this season.

    Good luck to you too with your seeds. I have worse luck trying to grow things from seeds than I do seedlings, lol.

  4. That great that your are growing some tomatoes. I tried that once and I killed everything for some reason. I just mooch garden veggies from my mom and inlaws.

  5. Pam~~Yeah. All my family grows stuff in their gardens every summer but they're too far away for me to get any of it, lol. I checked on my plants yesterday and my largest tomato plant has buds!! I was so excited, lol.


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