Friday, April 03, 2009

Two Month Update

April 1st was the last day of month number two of my new eating right and exercising regime. I’m very happy to report that I’ve lost 12.4 pounds so far. Not too terrible considering those three pounds I put back on in GA. I’m not losing at the same rate that I was in the beginning but I expected that so it’s not getting me down.

I’ve had the most ups and downs with eating right. The biggest hang up that I have is that I get entirely sick and tired of cooking every single day of the week. I’m beginning to hate the whole process:  Planning meals, making a shopping list, grocery shopping, figuring out what I’m in the mood to cook and eat every night, then prepping and cooking dinner and then eating my own cooking ALL THE TIME!!! Ugh, ugh, and UGH! This is leading to burnout which results in us eating out once or sometimes twice a week. I try not to go crazy on the nights we eat out and without giving out TMI, I can’t eat too much greasy, fried food anymore. I’ve had a major thing for Quiznos. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I could eat a chicken carbornara right now. Or a Baja Chicken. Hmm. You get my point though. What’s more is that the more weight that I lose, the less calories I’m allotted a day, lol. Doesn’t seem fair, right? Well, the less you weigh, the more it takes to burn fat so the fewer calories you can eat in a day and still lose weight. I started out being able to eat 1,464 and now I’m down to 1,384. 80 calories may not seem like a lot to you, but to a person on a diet trying to lose weight, 80 calories is a lot. I miss those 80 calories, lmao.

Exercise is still going really good. I’d have to say that this is where I’m the most proud of myself. I started out only being able to run for about a mile to a mile and a half in 20-25 minutes on the elliptical. Today I ran 4 miles in 40 minutes and 50 seconds. That’s a really good time for me. Sunday the Mister is taking me out for my first street run. It should be interesting. I’ll be sure and update you all as to how it goes. I’m also going to integrate some other exercise into my routine. Probably some yoga and some strength training. My legs and butt are really firming up with all the running and my upper body is being neglected. Plus, mixing it up will keep me from getting bored and will push me over any plateaus I encounter. :)



  1. It sounds like you are doing really well, Trisha. I am glad to hear it! I keep saying I need to get back into a regular exercise routine and yet I'm still finding it excuses not to. I'm the world's worst self-saboteur.

  2. That's awesome! I was doing yoga once/twice a week last summer before I hurt my shoulder (not doing yoga though). I've been thinking about getting back in to it again.

    I know what you mean about cooking. I've been searching for new things to cook. I seem to make and eat the same things all the time. Mainly because I know certain things are "safe" on the diet. But, I've been enjoying trying new things so I've been trying to cook something new for a meal once a week.

  3. Awesome job on the elliptical! I'm interested in hearing how the street run goes. In my experience, running on treadmills is way different than the pavement, but I've never run on an elliptical.

    And as far as the food is going, that's tough. I've been eating a ton of salads and microwave meals lately because I'm too lazy to cook all the time. It's one thing that will be a hard adjustment when my hubby comes home: having to cook real meals again. But he is not a fan of going out to eat, so it's a necessity! Ugh.

  4. LF~~Getting started was the hardest part for me this time around. In the past, keeping at it was the hardest.

    Pam~~I love yoga. It does so much to putting my mind at ease.

    My main source of healthy cooking is Cooking Light magazine which I highly recommend.

    Jacki~~I posted about my embarrassing run today. :/

    It's really hard to cook for one. Most recipes, cooking shows, etc., aren't made with one person in mind.

    I do TONS of microwave meals for lunches. It can get old.


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