Monday, April 06, 2009

My First Street Run

The Mister took me out for my first street run on Sunday. It was rough! It’s pretty embarrassing to say how poorly I did but what the hell…I ran/walked about 1.5 miles before I wanted to die. I had never seen a sweeter sight than at the end of my torturous 1.5 mile run, to see my car sitting beside the road beckoning me to it’s comforting interior. I think Trisha is more cut out for turning the key in the ignition, sliding open the sunroof, and running the volume up all the way in her car than she is for tying on running shoes and hitting the pavement. I am so sore today that every move is accompanied with a sound of pain that I can’t help making. Even my ribs hurt and I have no idea why that would be unless it is due to all the huffing and wheezing that I did trying not to pass out. Yes. It really was this terrible. It was high school gym class all over again. I knew going into it that five miles on the elliptical (my best distance) was not going to translate to five miles on the street. The machine does some of the work for you. But I had no idea that being able to run five miles on the elliptical would only mean a mile and a half on the street. I was rather disappointed in myself. The Mister said that for a first time out that I did good. I mostly believe him, lol. He knows how I feel about people telling me what they think I want to hear rather than the truth.

Even so and despite all my soreness, I’m not giving up. First of all, the Mister won’t let me, heheh, but I am pretty disappointed. Really disappointed. I thought that I could do better than that so I’m going to keep at it until I can run a respectable mile.

I’m going to alternate between elliptical runs and street runs until I can get my endurance up. Oh. And until I stop turning an alarming shade of purple. I’m going to have to come up with a plan, goals, and a routine to keep me motivated. Running sucks and at this point, I have no, absolutely no idea why people do it for fun. I’m doing it because I don’t like failing at things and I don’t like being embarrassed by how I did. Maybe at some point it will turn into something that resembles fun. But I doubt it. ;)


  1. that's awesome that you are giving running a go though. I've always had running issues, mainly the fact that I get shin cramps. But, I remember in high school my gym teacher told us taht we were going to start running each morning. I thought I'd die! Strangely enough, by the end of the term, I blasted my old time and was in the best shape I was ever in.

    You'll be running marathons before long!!

  2. Sorry it was so rough for you! I think you were probably just going too fast. You're used to "flying" on the elliptical, so running with the same effort on the ground probably feels like slow motion. Don't be afraid to slow down!

    And I'm telling you, this walking/running plan worked magic for me!,7120,s6-380-381-386-9397-0,00.html

  3. I started out a few weeks ago walking a mile at a decent pace 3x a week. Last week I added a very small addition but I jog that part. I can totally relate to the huffing and puffing, lol, and it is embarassing. My iPod is great motivation though. It has to get easier eventually, right?

  4. Pam~~My shin cramps were the worst. The Mister said that it's because I don't run correctly. Next time, I have to pay more attention to my form.

    Jacki~~Running too fast was def a problem. The Mister kept trying to pace me but I would still end up going too fast.

    I checked out that article and I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for the rec.

    Dana~~Too bad we couldn't both have tried this out when you still lived here. We could've met up and ran together.


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