Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Want to Quit the Gym!!

I don’t actually belong to a gym, but if you’re a Friends fan, you’ll get the reference.

My Entrecard post and tweet stirred up some people yesterday namely, the founder of Entrecard, Graham Langdon, who left a comment and @ replied me on Twitter yesterday. He wasn’t the only one either. What’s more is that I can’t even seem to give my stinking credits away. Which, by the way, the offer is now off the table. I have to wonder, is this because so many other people are cancelling their EC account or if it’s because people don’t believe that they’d really get something for nothing. Heck. It could just be that nobody cares one way or the other but I do have a plan of action to give way the danged credits. Sheesh.

Never in a million years did I think that my wanting to cancel my Entrecard account would stir up so much drama. It reminded me of the days, way back when, when I had AOL for my dial up Internet service provider. It was near to impossible to cancel my account with them. Their service reps badger and browbeat you until you’re on the verge of tear and just want to say, “Fine!! I’ll keep AOL. Just don’t harass me anymore. PLEASE!!”  XM Radio was the same way too. And you know what?? The more you try and convince me that your product is the end all, be all of the greatest thing in the world, the more I push back and just want to get away from you. I’m to the point now that I wouldn’t keep Entrecard if my life depended on it.

And for the record, and what was failed to be mentioned by Graham Langdon in all his persuading yesterday, is that yes, bloggers do have the right to refuse paid ads on their EC widget. BUT, you, the blogger and EC account user, have to pay out of your earned credits, a fee to refuse these paid ads. This is straight from Entrecard’s blog which can be found here:  Entrecard Blog

It’s just not worth it to me anymore and you know what?? I have a right to my opinion.

And I just realized the time so that’s the end of this subject. Move on!


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry you've had to deal with all of that, Trisha. It sounds like such a headache.

  2. LF~~I was surprised at the responses I got more than anything. It was just really weird. Oh well, lol.


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