Sunday, November 15, 2009

OBX Vaca 2009: The Pictures

Dogs, Kids, OBX 077

Cotton field on the way to the OBX.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 085

The living room/kitchen at the house. This is the 3rd floor.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 086

Living room/nook. 3rd floor.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 089

View off of the 3rd floor balcony.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 093

1st floor rec room with the pool table, Captain Hook, and the foos ball table is behind me.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 094

Bridge out to Cape Hatteras

Dogs, Kids, OBX 106

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Dogs, Kids, OBX 110

The original site of the lighthouse before it was moved in 1999.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 116

A crab that came up to our front door.

Dogs, Kids, OBX 117 

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Dogs, Kids, OBX 125

A Great Blue Heron that I caught on film fishing. Cool!


  1. That house looks fabulous! I love the way the ceilings are. It just looks so cozy.

  2. It was a really great house. I would definitely rent it again given the chance.


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