Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's What's for Dinner

The Mister has duty tonight. Usually when he has duty, the girls and I have a dinner that he doesn't like. Traditionally, we like to have turkey tetrazzini. This time around, I forgot he had duty and therefore didn't get the stuff for turkey tet (as we like to call it for short) at the commissary. Oh. And I'm currently experiencing an adverse reaction to a medication in which my eyes are swollen, itchy, red, and burning so there's no way in hell you're getting me out in public until it goes away. I'm not going to the grocery store like this. No way, no how. So tonight, we're trying something new.

As you've heard me rave before, I love, love, love Pinterest. I've found lots of interesting recipes on there and we've tried several with varying success. Tonight, the girls and I are trying this:  Beef Stew