Tuesday, May 08, 2012

You Can Love Your Cat...

...but just don't love your cat. Know what movie that's from?

Anyway, after yesterday's rather intense post, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit with a post about my cat. I kinda got the feeling that nobody knows what to do with yesterday's post anyway. I had an enormous spike in page views but only one comment. Wondering if people are going to be afraid to be around me now...

Bailey and Kit-ten snoozing together

I have morning "Scratch and Purr" sessions with my cat. It's not dirty, you filthy-minded people. This is where he...Wait a minute. I never told you about how she is a he.

::Side Story::

We sorta rescued this cat from a shelter, meaning, we took him before his previous owner gave him up for various reasons. She had taken him to the vet for his kitten checkup and was told he was a female. If you didn't know this, it can be hard to tell the sex of a kitten. So, we got "Sophie" thinking he was female and he even came with a pink bed. The pink bed plus assurances from a vet, we never thought to question the cat's femininity.

Fast forward a few weeks and we started noticing changes. "She" was definitely not a she. So, Sophie became Shelly (named after Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory) and we still have a hard time with the pronouns because we were calling him a her for so long. To save us the grief, we call the cat Kit-ten and all is good.

::End Side Story::

...he jumps in my lap and stands on my stomach or chest or neck (breathing isn't as important as a good chin scratch) and wants to be scratched every morning all the while purring like an engine and drooling. Yes, he drools. And you have to scratch him with both hands. If I try to check my e-mail or Facebook on my phone with one hand and scratch his chin with the other, he gets pissy and tries to knock my phone out of my hand. Eventually, he'll settle down and lay on me for a while. This has become my favorite time of the day.

He is just the best cat ever. I know a lot of people don't like cats because they assume they're all standoffish, but Kit-ten isn't like that at all. He loves to be around people and he's just funny to boot.

Yesterday, he got in the living room window, stood up on his hind legs, and started clawing at the glass. Turns out there was a bunny in the yard and it was just driving him crazy. I also found him lying in Plantweed's pot yesterday afternoon. I had to evict Kit-ten from the window cubby to make room for the plant and he's not having it at all. Also, every time we go to the freezer to get ice for a drink, he comes and stands up at the fridge. This is because he expects you to drop him a piece of ice so that he can play with it. And I mean every time he hears us getting ice. He also likes to splash in his water dish and steal stuffed animals and "kill" them. One of his other favorite things is to hide and blankets and then attack Bailey. He's a riot. Here's a short video of him killing the Oldest Child's monkey that he stole out of her room.


  1. He is SO cute! I'm laughing now that I sent those pink catnip pillows. ;)

    1. Oh well. The cat and Bailey both play with them, oddly enough, so the pink can be for Bailey, lol. :)


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