Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm grateful for...

  • A fantastic, supportive, best friend who also happens to be my husband. 
  • Having two of three vehicles paid off. Go us!
  • Finally cutting the very last tie with Vermont after having moved away five years ago. Almost six.
  • Netflix, OnDemand, and DVR. I have a TV addiction.
  • Teavana. I have a tea addiction.
  • Living in San Diego, traffic notwithstanding.
  • Having toilet paper in the house. We ran out the other day. First time in the sixteen years we've been married.
  • Having good kids. They may try me from time to time, but they have a solid foundation. At the bottom of all their junk and drama, they're really good kids.
  • My dog and my cat. I have fantastic pets.

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