Monday, October 29, 2012

Save the Drama for Your Momma

I have three things I want to say...

1. To the asshat who threw candy at the cars parked in front of De Portola Middle school today:  I hope your fun parts rot and fall off your body. Also, if I hadn't been waiting for my kid to get out of school, I would have tracked your sorry ass down and beat you out of your car until you had no teeth left to eat candy ever again.

2. Stop putting your personal drama on Facebook. Sure, there's a delete button (if anyone actually chooses to use it) but the chances of you hitting delete before every last person on your friends list had a chance to read whatever sorry thing you said are slim to none. I'm really tired of reading people's whining. First it's, "I hate him/her. They did me wrong in whatever way." Then a couple days later the same person says about the same person they publicly slammed, "Oh!! I love them. They are the best thing since sliced bread." Or, "I hate this person who used to be my friend." Two days later, "I love this person. They're my bestie." Or, "Why doesn't he/she love me?" Are you kidding me? Are you really going to be that pathetic on the Internet??? And stop putting up lame pictures you took of yourself in the bathroom mirror. You have 1000+ friends on freaking Facebook but not one single person in real life you know can snap a quick pic of you to put up online? Wow. I think I'm getting sick of Facebook.

3. I hope everyone in the path of Superstorm Sandy are safe and dry tonight. If you're not dry, I hope you dry out fast. If you don't have electricity, I hope it gets turned back on as fast as possible. I'm thinking good thoughts for all you East Coasters. Even the annoying ones on Facebook. ;)

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