Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've Been Neglectful

I spent SIX hours yesterday working on Spanish. SIX!! Between that and being preoccupied with some family issues, I've been a bit forgetful of other things. My blog has taken a backseat and I haven't been reading or leaving comments on other blogs, I forgot to wish my brother a happy birthday yesterday, I forgot to buy trash stickers, I forgot to announce the end of voting for my book group, and I've had the worst headache for two days now. I haven't felt this way since living in Vermont. Oh, and that reminds me, I was also going to post on the 26th to announce our one year anniversary of moving to North Carolina and I forgot that too. I've also been forgetting what I want to say in mid-sentence. I need some ginkgo or whatever it is that boosts your memory.

In other, less whiny news, I finished a book and started two new ones this week. Remember way back when on a Thursday Meme post when I said that I only read one book at a time and that I didn't understand how people can read multiple books at a time? Well, I'm in the middle of four different books right now. So much for that idea. I'm still reading Reagan's book and War and Peace. I started reading Frankenstein for my Lit class and yesterday, I started reading Nora's latest for the 1st in a Series Challenge. All four are great fun. The book I finished the other day was the first Shopaholic book for which I'll post my thoughts about as soon as I remember. ;)

The Mister is going on a business trip (heheh) to Maryland for two weeks on Sunday. Did I mention that before? He's going for some really great training that would normally cost $10,000 but the Marine Corps is footing the bill. How awesome is that? While he's gone, I'm planning on cooking some meals that the girls and I like but that he doesn't so we only eat them while he's gone. It'll be nice girl time for the three of us. We'll miss him but in the grand scheme of things, two weeks is cake. We've done the 6 month thing before and nothing can top the three years in Vermont so we're taking this in stride.

Lastly, my crocheting is coming right along. I'm almost finished with my very simple project. I let my oldest pick it out and the yarn since I'm giving her what I'm making. She's very happy with the results so far. Hannah won't stay out of my yarn. I had to change my craft bag from a tote to a tote that zips closed. She also only goes after the alpaca and mohair yarn. I wonder if it's because she can smell that they came from a real animal.

Sorry there's no Thursday meme. I gotta go with the flow of my thoughts and that doesn't fit in today.


  1. Okay, so I covered your Thursday Meme for you. :)

    At least there's that... if I could do more from here I would.

  2. Jennifer~~Thanks! You're a true friend.I enjoyed reading the meme on your blog.

  3. It's been really busy for me lately too. I'm trying to get caught up on everyone's blogs today, hopefully it will help me feel somewhat back to normal. ;)

    I remember not having hardly any time for much of anything when I was in school as well.
    I had a hard time with this Thursday's meme. I just couldn't think of hardly anything.

  4. Pam~~I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one behind in blog reading. I feel bad when I don't read people's blogs. Like I'm ignoring them or something, lol.


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