Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Meme

The Thursday meme courtesy of Booking Through Thursday.

How did you come across your favorite author(s)? Recommended by a friend?
Stumbled across at a bookstore? A book given to you as a gift?
Was it love at first sight? Or did the love affair evolve over a long acquaintance?
Wow! This could be an entirely looooong post. I have so many favorite authors. Fortunately, I have a bad memory and can only remember how I came to read a few of them.

Stephen King. The first Stephen King book that I can remember seeing was It. My mom read it as soon as it came out. Her copy of the book even had a bloody thumb print at the bottom of the pages, lol. I also remember that book scaring her sh*tless and that's how I was turned on to King. The first book of his that I read, however, was Pet Cemetery. Fun book. Also, interestingly enough, I still haven't read It. I tried once in high school and didn't get past the first couple chapters.

In high school I loved reading Christopher Pike books. LOVED THEM. I used to own every book he ever wrote. Why did I first start reading them? I liked how the covers looked in the book store. Yup. I judged a book by its cover and it was the best thing ever.

Another author whose books I judged by their covers...Julie Garwood. When I was totally into romances, I liked her books because they didn't have the schmaltzy Fabio/Love Goddess, nipples showing, heaving breasts, book covers.

Patricia Cornwell. I liked her name because it's similar to mine, lmao. How retarded is that? I also liked that she had written a ton of books so if it turned out that I liked more than just her name, there was plenty of material to keep me going.

Nora Roberts. I don't remember how or why I started reading her books. Maybe it was also because of the amount of her books that I saw sitting on the shelves. Same thing with J.D. Robb. When I read my first In Death, I didn't realize it was a series or that she and Nora Roberts were one in the same. I picked up Purity randomly off the shelf because I was looking for something new to read. Lucky me.

I think we can pretty much group the rest of the authors that I read into the word of mouth category. I get lots of recommendations from friends, other bloggers, book discussion groups, movies that were adapted from books, and news headlines. I'm like a bloodhound when it comes to books. I'm always looking for something new so I always have my nose to the floor sniffing them out and my ears open. I don't think I've ever turned a book down either, even if I've never heard of the author and the cover looks unattractive (you should see one of my new school books I just got yesterday. It is UGLY!). Every story deserves a chance.


  1. Can you belive it, I have only one Stephen King till date. Koontz? Never?

    And I do not like Nora Roberts.

  2. Ha...I judge books by their covers sometimes too...guilty! That's how I found Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series. That darn apple in those hands drew me in.

    Like you though, I get a lot of recommendations from word of mouth.

  3. i was all about christopher pike back in they day, too. Remember Me was my favorite, and the only one that I still have after all these years.

    I find a lot of stuff I like by randomly picking it up in the bookstore, but that's hit or miss. sometimes word of mouth comes with a lot of hype that ends up ruining the book for me (Atonement). But I had Kurt Vonnegut assigned to me in school, and I've liked most of what I've read by him.

  4. I count on recommendation and word of the mouth too. I love Julie Garwood's historical books. Wish she would continue to write more historical books. I also love Nora Roberts books. Two favorite authors :)

    Happy BTTs - I hope you have a good days/weekend ahead!

  5. GT~~Sorry to hear you don't like Nora. I've noticed that our reading likes cross paths rarely.

    Pam~~I've seen her books but haven't read them...yet. I've heard good things about them around the net.

    Cadiz~~I liked Remember Me too. That's one of the few books I've ever highlighted because I found so many of the passages to be profound.

    Julia~~I like Garwood's historicals too. As for her contemporaries, I was VERY disappointed in them.

    I hope you have a good weekend too! :)

  6. I devoured some of the early Cornwell books. I really hated the most recent one. The only good thing about it was a great blog discussion.

  7. I think the bad memory excuse is the reason I avoided listing any of my favorites in my post! Haha

    I'm still discovering King, having only read two books by him. I enjoyed Misery quite a bit, but not so much Cell. I'm really picky about the type of horror books I am willing to read and I'm afraid some of King's will fall into the never read category. Still, there are several of his books I'm looking forward to reading one day.

  8. Bookgal~~I've heard a lot of people say similar things about her more recent books. I'm still playing catch up and haven't read anything new though. I guess that's good for me, lol.

    LF~~Misery is one of my fave King books. At the top would be Lisey's Story. I LOVED that one.


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