Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Some Stuff

First day of classes went well. I have almost all my homework done for the week and my Spanish materials arrived today. All is well on that front.

I finished The Bourne Identity yesterday. More on that later.

And finally, we had a water main break tonight. I discovered that we didn't have water as I was trying to make dinner. Really great timing. As a result, we ordered a pizza. I just got back from the grocery store having bought several gallons of water since we still don't have any running water and we have a boil order thing in effect once it does start flowing again. Living in the hurricane prone region that we do, we should've already had bottled water on hand but we didn't. Three hours (and counting) without water isn't so bad though. I just hope they get everything fixed by the morning or the kids won't be able to go to school since the main break is on the road that the school is on and that road is closed. Plus, school's aren't supposed to have kids in them without clean running water.

And that's been my day. Not real exciting, huh?


  1. Oh no! I hope the main water line is fixed soon. Ugh. I hate being without water. I've had to go through that before and it's no fun.

    I am glad that your first day of classes went well at least. That's something.

  2. Our water came back on sometime between 11 and midnight. We were without it for 6+ hours. It was an inconvenience but nothing more. I didn't like going to bed and leaving dirty dishes in the sink, lol.


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