Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back Among the Living

Today is the first day that I've felt human in quite some time. My illness turned out to be more than your average cold. I actually made a doctors appointment for yesterday morning which shows how bad I was feeling. I cancelled because I didn't quite feel like death yesterday morning but was too lazy to drive myself to the hospital, lol. Now I'm left with a nagging cough. No biggie.

As a result of being laid up, I have very little to blog about. Unless you're interested in how many boxes of tissues I've gone through, bags of cough drops I've sucked on, and cold pills I've popped, I have nothing you want to read. Right now I'm playing catch up with laundry, the bills which have been sadly neglected due to both my vacation and my sickness, homework that I'm way behind on, and filling out my FAFSA that's due by the end of this month. Pictures from my vacation are still coming, I swear, but they're not priority at the moment. Clean clothes and paid bills are. Sorry.

Oh yeah. And we bought another car last week.


  1. Oh I knew it! What kind of car did you get? Glad you are feeling better. My mom was worried you had been sick since you weren't updating. Also, you have to share your pics with me for my video. :)

  2. We got a Scion tC. It's a sweet little car and I LOVE it. C and I bicker over who gets to drive it. I'm getting to the pics. Really, lol. Also, I'm feeling much better.


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