Saturday, March 01, 2008

Humdrum Saturday

I've had a weird week. The youngest child was home sick Thursday and Friday. Both kids have the sneezes and a cough but the youngest had a fever to go with it so she couldn't go to school. Today, they're both annoying with sneezing and coughing but no fever.

I found out Wednesday that a friend of mine is pregnant. I'm really excited for her and her husband. They were having conception issues so this is really great news for them. What's weird is that the Mister and I were at Target just last week buying baby gates for the dogs and while we were there, we looked at all the neat baby gadgets that have come out since our kids were babies. While I am totally done having kids and don't have that want to have more, I love buying baby things for other people and we don't currently have any babies in our families. I have to wait until my friend is three months along, but then I can start buying baby stuff!! I can't wait.

Right now I'm waiting for the Mister to get home from work. Yep. He had to work on Saturday. We haven't had a full weekend together since the first weekend in February with him being in Maryland and then he had duty the first weekend home and now they have a huge inspection next week so he's working this weekend too. Whine, whine. But really, I'm pretty much numb to him working 6 or 7 days a week. I just feel bad for him cuz he's really behind with his school work because of work work.

Anywho, this weekend is going to consist of the following: a trip to Jacksonville to buy all the pets food, we'll maybe look at some houses, and homework. Lotsa, lotsa homework. I haven't ready ANY books this week other than text books. Can you believe that? I swear, I'm not lying.

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