Friday, February 06, 2009

Fizzle, Fizzle

Dinner last night wasn’t too bad. We had skinless chicken thighs in a lemon,garlic marinade served with roasted grape tomatoes and corn. The chicken was a bit bland, I thought, and NObody liked the tomatoes. It’s weird because we all like tomatoes when I put them with meat and veggies, grilled in a kabob. Oh well.

The Mister and I have also added in a multivitamin into our daily routines.I know. You should take vitamins even when you’re not working out but I hate taking pills. Vitamins are the worst because they’re huge, have a bad smell, and they make me nauseated. This morning was no exception. The nausea kicked in right as I was walking out the door to drive the oldest to school. There wasn’t anything I could do about the timing and I was seriously afraid I was going to puke in my car. I hate puking though and held it in valiantly, lol. I think that I’ll start taking them at night before bed. That’s what I used to do with my prenatal vitamins because they made me really sick and it worked for me that way.

My workouts are still going strong. I made it up to three miles on the elliptical today. Woot!! Jacki suggested that I buy myself cute workout clothes to keep motivated so I took her advice last night. I got one of those trendy tennis-type skirts and a matching tank top.

As for the oldest child, she handled her punishment way better than I would have ever imagined. She also did a great job cleaning out the garage. Aside from some heavy things that she couldn’t lift herself,  I’ll be able to park my car in there by the end of today. Yay! I’m excited about that. I’m tired of using my coat sleeve to clean off snow and frost off of my car in the mornings. We used to have an ice scraper from living in VT but I think we threw it away. I  really didn’t think we’d get much use out of it living here in N.C. Turns out I was wrong.

We don’t have much planned for the weekend. The Mister has duty Saturday night so the girls and I will be having our traditional “Daddy has Duty Meal” of turkey tetrazzini which is also a Cooking Light recipe, handily enough. He doesn’t like it but the girls and I love it so we have it when he’s not home. I’m really looking forward to it, lol. It’s sad that the highlight of my weekend is going to be turkey tetrazzini, lmao. Oh. And tonight’s episode of BSG. I’m totally looking forward to that too.

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