Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Being Consistent

The only thing consistent about my blog lately is that I update inconsistently. Funnily enough, it’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. Lots of stuff has been going on in my little world of late. Now I need to figure out where to begin. It’s been a while.

First off, I’ll start with some good news. I took on a new client this week. Yay!! It more than doubles my work hours and the pay is really good. I love starting new projects for clients because it keeps things interesting and me interested in working. I hate monotony where my work is concerned.

Even though I now have two steady clients, I applied for a third last night and I’m also thinking about volunteering at my local library. I talked with them last night and they said that they don’t have many volunteers at all. The only thing is that I’m not sure how much spare time I have now that I have two clients. I think I’m going to wait a couple weeks to see how much work this is actually going to be before committing myself to volunteer work. I’d feel bad if I said that I could help out and then discover that I didn’t realistically have the time to do so.

Next up, the teacher thing…I don’t really have a resolution to that. I talked with her teacher and she denied having told the kids that bringing in something for the party was mandatory. Normally, I’d be more inclined to believe the adult but I had three different kids tell me the same thing when I casually brought it up to them separately. Also, this teacher doesn’t have the best track record for being reasonable. Having decided not to make a big deal out of something that turned out to be a non-issue (I’ll explain why next) in the end seems silly. I dunno.

Why was it a non-issue? Because the youngest child ended up missing school half of Wednesday, and all of Thursday and Friday anyway. She came home from school Wednesday with a fever that ended up going up over 103 degrees and involved a trip to the hospital and a round of antibiotics. We’re still not sure what she had. The Navy doctors prescribed penicillin guessing that she had strep throat. They guessed because they didn't have any rapid strep tests and it took six days to get the lab results of her throat swab back. I find it disturbing that they arbitrarily prescribe antibiotics with them losing their effectiveness due to over-prescribing but what do I know. And btw, I still sent in the snacks that I bought for the party and the youngest’s Valentine’s cards so that they could be given out to her classmates.

Anyway, remember a while back when I blogged about how some neighborhood kids came to my door after dark to ask if they could use my cell phone to call their friends? Well, we got a knock on our door Monday and someone from child protective services was standing there. Turns out that these same kids were almost hit by a car on our street while they were playing in the street after dark recently. I have no idea when or who almost hit them. NO, it wasn’t me that called. While I don’t necessarily agree with letting young kids out after dark and I found it really annoying that they thought it was okay to ask neighbors to use their phone  to call a friend, I didn’t think it was dangerous at the time. I didn’t know they were out playing in the street after dark too. Well, after knocking on some of my other neighbor’s doors, they went to the parent's house and questioned them. I don’t know the results of all that, but if I were her (she’s a single mom) I would be so embarrassed that I would probably look into moving, lol. I didn’t let my kids run roughshod over the neighborhood before, but now I’m keeping an even tighter reign on them. I stressed their rules and told them that if they break them, not only will they be grounded but they won’t be allowed outside unsupervised anymore. I told them that they could probably guess how often I would feel like sitting outside in the heat to watch them play, heheh. I also discovered a black scratch down the side of my car the same height as a scooter’s handlebars. I had to tell some of the neighborhood kids to stop playing in my driveway around my car (my kids were inside and weren’t even playing with these kids at the time.) but it turns out I was too late. My kids don’t have scooters because they were dopes and left them outside in the front yard to get stolen at our old house. Irresponsibility doesn’t get you a new scooter at my house. I would be so angry if I found out my kids were playing in other people’s driveways or around cars in general. That’s why we have yards and sidewalks for pete’s sake.

As for the healthy lifestyle thing, well, I’ve slacked off a bit in the last week. Instead of working out 7 days a weeks, I slacked off to 3 ::blush:: I kind of have an excuse though. The elliptical machine has started making this really high pitched squeak that makes you want to stab out your eardrums. I’m not ready to run out in public yet. I’m too insecure. There. I admitted it out loud. I had to get gas in my work out clothes this morning (the Mister ran it out of my car and I wasn’t anticipating having to stop) and I was pretty embarrassed, lol. The Mister is going to take a look at our machine tonight so I can get back into the habit again. Eating right is still going good though. We had two days where our dinners were less than stellar but we're still doing good overall. It’s starting to get to me psychologically however. Constantly keeping track of how much I’m eating and how much exercise I’m getting is a little depressing. Also knowing that I can’t eat at the brand new Dunkin Doughnuts that just opened like a block from my house is also depressing. I loves me a chocolate cream filled doughnut gosh darnit! They are over 300 calories a piece though and most of that is from fat. Big surprise, right? Still :( The only thing that keeps me going is that I’m still losing weight. Not as fast as the first week which is to be expected, but it’s still coming off. My jeans fit nicer nowadays.

And now I’ve got to hit the shower (I managed to put in a bit of time on the elliptical this morning) and get some work done. Yay!! Work! Woot!


  1. Good to see you back!

    In our old neighborhood the kids use to play in our driveway quite a bit. We lived on a cul de sac and our driveway had a bit of an incline so they liked to ride their bikes down it. I was so nervous they were gonna sideswipe one of the cars. I said something to them, very nicely, one day but I still felt like the crabby old neighbor woman. lol!

    I'm just getting back into my workout routine and I joined WW last week. I was just feeling sluggish and icky. Plus all my clothes were getting tight and I'm determined not to buy newer clothes unless they are skinny clothes.

  2. Pam~~I felt like the crabby old lady when I told them to stop too. I still ended up with a scratch down my car though.

    How's the WW going for you? I've never tried anything formal for weight loss. My sister just joined Curves so I'm waiting to hear back from her on how that goes too.


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