Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Some Work Done

I twittered this earlier this morning, but I am so entirely grateful that today is Friday. My days have been hectic and filled beginning to end this week. This is actually going to be a work-weekend for me but it won’t be as intense as the week has been and I’ll get to sleep in Saturday and Sunday, heheh.

Monday, I had my first conference call. I’ve had other business calls but they have always been one on one. The call on Monday involved the CEO and director of the organization for which I am consulting. Not knowing what to expect, I figured the call would last 30 minutes tops. Most of my other work related phone calls have been 20 minutes or less. Boy was I wrong. I was on the phone for an hour and a half. So long that I needed to plug my phone in and I had to pee so bad that I wanted to cry. We also ended up getting take out that night (one of our bad dinner nights) because I hadn’t anticipated being on the phone so long and didn’t leave myself time to make dinner. I had my second conference call with the same people this morning. I figured that since we had hashed out most of the agenda on Monday that this morning’s call would be short and sweet. Wrong again. This call lasted for a little over an hour. I have yet another follow up conference call scheduled for Tuesday and I’m going into it with no expectations at all, lol. I’ll make sure my phone is fully charged and that I take a potty break beforehand.

Work for my new client is moving along. It’s a bit out of my, I don’t want to say comfort zone or expertise, but it’s unfamiliar territory. The new client is a plastic surgery information website. Up until I started working for them, I’ve never had any dealings of any kind with anything that has to do with plastic surgery. The only surgery I’ve ever had is an appendectomy when I was 12, lol. I’ve seen so many before and after pictures of stranger’s boobs this week that I see them when my eyes are closed which is taking some getting used to, to say the least. But, this work is new which makes it a little challenging which keeps it interesting.

You wanna know the really cool thing?? I took that conference call in my sweats and a ratty old t-shirt, HEHEHEHE!! I love working from home.


  1. Both my sister-in-laws work from jealous! I could live in PJs if I could get away with it.

  2. Glad to hear things are going good. Try not to work too hard this weekend :o)

  3. Pam~~It really is the way to go. If you take into account the money that I save commuting and for daycare combined with what I get paid, it's a completely great deal.

    Dana~~Thanks. I worked but I took it easy too. Balance.


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