Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun Times in Georgia

We had a really good, albeit short, time in Georgia.

The trip down was uneventful. North Carolina to Georgia is VERY boring. The highlight of the drive was driving through Spivey’s Corner, NC. Yes. Spivey’s Corner. We laughed and laughed at the name. There’s nothing there either. It’s hard to tell it was an actual town. Anywho, we left our house around 5:15’ish and arrived at the hotel at midnight. I will never forget Jennifer bounding out of the hotel, very reminiscent of Tigger, in her too cute pajamas and slippers to greet us.

Saturday we got up as early as we could, grabbed breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, Jennifer’s first time, and then drove to a nearby outlet mall that we had seen on our drive down. That was way too much fun. We bought some clothes at the Gap and the Tommy Hilfiger store. Then we bought some new running shoes at the Nike store. I finally have good running shoes!!

After the outlet mall, we drove the rest of the way to Savannah. Savannah is a great city. So much history! The azaleas are in full bloom so there was amazing color everywhere you looked. We decided to take a trolley tour so that we wouldn’t constantly have to find parking and so that we would know what we were looking at. We got off at several of the stops for tours and pictures. We have never taken a formal tour of a city before but it was neat, informative, and something that I would do again.

After the tour was over, we grabbed our car and drove down to River Street for more shopping and dinner. At Pam’s recommendation, we stopped in one of the candy shops and tried the pralines. Oh. My. Gosh!! They were so good. Jennifer and I both bought some to take home. I also bought some caramel chocolate gophers which were also very yummy.We grabbed dinner at a seafood place that had the most excellent crab legs I’ve ever had. They were so juicy that Jennifer and the Mister ended up with butter down the front of them and I sprayed some poor guy as he walked by our table when I cracked a leg open, lol. Dinner was to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday. Her birthday was yesterday but we couldn’t stay through the week so we took her out while we were there. I did the same thing last year in San Diego, heheh.

Sunday, we were up and off to the Shoney’s for breakfast and then we had to head home. :( The visit was too short but worth every minute. On the drive home we took a detour to Parris Island. I hadn’t been there since 1997 when the Mister graduated from boot camp. Parris Island has changed a lot but some things never change like recruits marching everywhere and drill instructors yelling at them along the way, lol. We didn’t stay long because the oldest child decided to pick herself up a bug while we were in Georgia. She was running a fever and right after we drove through the gate to the base, we had to pull over so she could be sick alongside the road. It was so not a fun ride home for her. She’s still home sick with a fever today.

So, that was our trip. I have pictures but I’ll have to post them later. My camera is still in the glove compartment of my car and I don’t feel like running out to get it at the moment. Stay tuned…


  1. Glad to hear you all had a good time. Hope your oldest is feeling better today. I always liked Savannah, and I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. We used to stop at Parris Island when my grandparents lived on Hilton Head Island.

  2. Yay for pralines!! I've salivating thinking about the from the shops on River Street. This time of year is probably my fav time there. It's so pretty and the humidity hasn't quite set in yet.

    Glad you took one of the trolleys. Those ARE really nice tours of the city there. Glad you have a great time.

  3. Dana~~Thanks. She's feeling better finally. She missed school Monday and Tuesday with a fever and upset stomach. We joked that she caught the dog flu bug from Hannah, heheh.

    Pam~~It was a great time of year to go. I don't think we could have asked for more perfect weather and with all the flowers, it was just gorgeous.

    I think River Street was probably my favorite part of Savannah. Not just for the shopping and food but because of the setting and how old it felt.

  4. I am glad your oldest is feeling better, Trisha. It's no fun being sick during a long car ride. It sounds like you had a great trip otherwise. :-)

  5. I hate car rides that are boring. When I was little, we would make the ride from Jax, NC to Macon, GA and it took forever. Little did I know that it was an easy ride compared to Western PA to NC. That one is 11.5 hours for us and stopping once.

  6. LF~~Thanks. It took a bit to get back to her old self (she still has a cough and the sniffles) but she's much better.

    Laura~~PA has some nice scenery, but I've driven from the NY side through to Ohio and it was the looongest drive ever. I completely agree with you, lol.


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