Monday, March 16, 2009

That’s One Sick Puppy

IMG_0118 It’s never a good thing to start your day out with having to clean. It’s a really bad day when that cleaning involves dog puke, pee, and poo. That’s how my morning started Friday and the cleaning continued up until yesterday. I have a carpet steam cleaner that has totally saved us. Not to be too disgusting here, but the messes were dark in color and I have very light carpeting. My steam cleaner got every last trace out of the carpet leaving nothing behind. Each spot took about half the reservoir of cleaner, but whatever works. So far today, Hannah hasn’t vomited anywhere but she’s had these really loud, deep burps that have panicked me twice this morning, lol. I called the vet and made her an appointment for first thing tomorrow just in case.

We’re trying to plan a weekend trip to Georgia to visit with Jennifer this coming weekend but it’s sort of in limbo with Hannah being the way that she is. We can’t kennel a sick dog and we don’t want to take the dogs with us either. Should we be able to follow through with our plans, we are going to tour Savannah which should be a lot of fun. I’ve been to and through Georgia several times but I’ve never seen Savannah before. I really hope that we get to go. It would be a shame for Jennifer to be this close and for us not to get a chance to see her.


  1. Aw, I hope the doggie feels better soon.

    You'll love Savannah. I miss it this time of year when all the azelas are blooming. At least you'll miss the chaos that IS St. Patrick's Day. It's like the Southeastern equivalent to Mardi Gras. lol!

  2. Oh, poor baby -I hate when my puppy is sick, especially since they can't tell you what's wrong. I agree with Pam about Savannah - we love it there.

  3. I hope you get to go to Savannah; it really has some beautiful parts.

    Good luck at the vet tomorrow! I'll have to check back and see what they said.

  4. Pam~~Thanks! I know you know how it feels to have a sick pet. Thankfully, it's not anything serious.

    Daphne~~Yup, it's tough watching them and not being able to ask what's wrong.

    Dana~~Looks like the trip is on!! I'll take pictures while we're there.


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